Quiz – Which Musical Instrument Are You?

Quiz – Which Musical Instrument Are You?

Instruments often have a personality of their own. Perhaps your piano playing is so unique because your lively personality resembles the drums… Find out which instrument matches your personality by answering these general questions:

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Lawrence started playing the electric guitar because of his passion for rock music. Back in the day he played in a metal band, but now plays more for himself.


    says im a piano when im a fricking guitarist

    I am a flute when it says I am a piano, flute, AND VIOLIN

    Now a banjo too so I don’t know what is going on

    I am truly a euphonium, the brass cello.


    Very nice introduction about Switchboard Instrument.


    It said I’m a violin… they got it right
    Classical all the way

    Wow I can’t believe it guessed I’m piano

    Time to go learn bass guitar…

    I took the quiz and i got the triangle. 🙁 I took another and got viola. 🙁 I think this website hates me because I actually play violin

    LMAO! I play viola and I got the piano.

    I play violin, flute, and piano and i got guitar. I cant play guitar for life of me lol

    I got Violin. I play banjo and clarinet. Oh well!

    I got violin in every quiz I got violin

    I got bass guitar when I play the piano! That’s now making me wonder all my life decisions ….

    Piano, flute, violin… I play guitar and bass, occasionally drums. Maybe I should try piano.

    I play organ piano percussion bagpipes guitar

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