#PimpMyPracticeRoom Contest Winners

#PimpMyPracticeRoom Contest Winners

The contest is now closed

Thanks to everyone who participated! There were some really great videos submitted and we had so much fun watching them all. It was really difficult choosing the winners and we think that everyone who participated is a winner because we could see that you all had fun doing it!

And the WINNERS are…

Instagram users burnout_220menschii and jaelpendragon666


A huge congrats to all of you! Your prizes should arrive at your doors very soon!


Let’s see the videos!

The winner of the Acoustic Panel Package from EQ Acoustics is Instagram user burnout_220. Here is their video:

The winner of the PA speakers from the box is Instagram user menschii. Here is their video:

And last but not least, the winner of the Marshall fridge is Instagram user jaelpendragon666. Here is their video:

Thanks again to everyone who participated. You can watch all the submitted videos at this link.


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