Piano & Keyboard Gift Ideas 2021

Piano & Keyboard Gift Ideas 2021

We have selected some of the most interesting products directly from our “Gifts for Musicians” guide! Do you want to give a musical gift to a child, a loved one or a friend who is passionate about the piano but you do not know where to turn? Here are some suggestions!

Thomann DP-28 Plus

The DP-28 Plus is a Thomann brand digital piano: lightweight, 88 weighted keys with hammer action technology, 25 realistic sounds, 192 notes of polyphony, layer mode, split mode, duo mode, metronome with 50 rhythms, master EQ , reverb, chorus, harmonies, 100 presets, transpose function, Bluetooth MIDI for the Pianotool app and much more.

Hemingway DP-501 MKII WH

A compact digital upright piano, which takes advantage of the convenience of digital technology while maintaining the appearance of a traditional instrument. The DP-501 features 88 weighted hammer keys, an LCD display, 16 sounds, reverb, chorus, 2 × 20 watt speakers and more!

Sennheiser HD-200 Pro

A great pair of dynamic closed-back headphones perfectly suited for your late night piano sessions. The HD-200 Pro is equipped with a 2m cable, an excellent frequency response to hear every piano note in all its glory and a 32 ohm impedance which guarantees high volume.

Startone MK-400

Startone’s MK-400 is a bang-for-your-buck keyboard! It boasts an FX & Filter touch pad, 61 keys with touch response, 64-note polyphony, 580 voices + 5 sampling, 180 styles, 200 songs, layer, split, duo, style control, metronome, reverb, chorus, DSP, DJ effects, master EQ, mixer, sequencer, record & playback capability, SD card slot (128GB), pitch bend and so much more!

Airturn PED Pro

Have you ever played a great piano piece but then stopping because you had to turn the page on your Mac/PC/iPad/Android tablet? Say stop to this with this wireless page turner that lets you turn digital content with ease (even eBooks!). Let your hands play and feet take care of the rest 😉

Startone MKR 61

Roll-up keyboard that can be literally folded and stored away when not needed. 61 keys, 128 sounds, 128 rhythms: this is a great tool for kids and young musicians but also very practical for anyone who likes playing piano and not having to deal with the bulk of a regular digital keyboard.

K&M 12295 MKII

A lamp?! Well, it’s more important than you think: reading those notes and arpeggios can be hard at night (or on dark stages). The lamp has 12 long-life LEDs, adjustable gooseneck, it’s dimmable if you don’t need the full power and works with 3x AA Mignon 1.5 V batteries (or a power supply).

… And if these tips weren’t enough for you, take a look at the full list by clicking HERE !

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