Making-of: Pedal videos

Making-of: Pedal videos

You are toying with the thought of acquiring and using a new pedal? However, how does the pedal actually sound and which effect is the right one for you? To make these considerations and your choice easier as well as to avoid unnecessary returns by post, we already offer you more than 100 pedal videos at present, all in the new and in depth format. The videos give you a good overview about the „Object of your Desire“.

There will be a lot more upcoming videos, we have additional demos planned for the next months. You can find the videos on in our Online-range, as an example, in this video we have put the Multieffect Carl Martin Quattro through it’s paces.

„A dreamjob – playing with pedals, all the time!“

You are probably wondering now, who makes the demo films, how the typical process looks like and what criteria are used. We don’t want to leave you guessing: The mind behind the videos is YouTuber „EytschPi42“ aka. Henning Pauly. For the past two years he has been making gear videos for Thomann in his studio, in which he tests pedals in depth. It all started with Harley Bentons. How it works these days en all the other interesting things he can relate, you may experience for yourself in this Behind-The-Scenes-Video! 😉


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Vincent started frequenting music shops at age eight. Picking up the Bass and Guitar followed not long after, as did bands. His love for music, from Sixties Pop and Soul to AnarchoPunk and Death Metal has only deepened with the years. He still regularly plays at Jam sessions, from Berlin to Cambodia.


    holy crap … this dude is hilarious

    Glad you liked it Charly! He IS a funny guy.

    Hi Vince,

    I wasnt aware of this feature. It’s great – I really like it. Thanks for the hint

    No prob! Kind regards, Vincent

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