Our gift ideas for all DJs

Our gift ideas for all DJs

There is an enormous variety of equipment available for DJs, but not all of it is used for mixing the same style. Mixing techniques are as different to each other as one DJ to the next, and the choice of equipment is the foundation. MIDI controllers, mixers, headphones, turntables, accessories – here are our gift ideas for DJs. Let the music play! 

DJ Equipment

Arturia Beatstep Pro
MIDI controller and sequencer, VST instruments, MIDI equipment and analogue synths, you have the means to control everything with Beatstep Pro! → See more sequencers and arrangers


Novation Dicer
This USB looping controller, developed with Serato, works with most DJ software. Place it on your turntable, CDJ, mixer or your computer!  → See more computer accessories


Korg Kaoss DJ
A 2-channel analogue mixer with the renowned Kaoss Pad technology and 120 effects. Its compact design and intuitive controls combine to make an interesting tool for every DJ.
See more mixers for DJs


Roland TR-8
Combining the legendary sounds of the Roland TR-808 and TR-909, the TR-8 comprises 16 kits made up of 11 instruments each. In USB mode, each instrument has its own output channel for the DAW. → See more drum machines


Akai MPC Touch
A genuine music production station, the MPC Touch has a touchscreen that is easy to use for live performances or in the studio. It’s also a 2 input/2 output interface in the TRS format!
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Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USBHC
This direct-drive vinyl turntable includes a USB port for digitising your vinyl records. It comes with a cable adaptor, slip mat and dust cover. → See all vinyl turntables


Numark NV
This 4-deck controller for for Serato DJ is also a USB 2.0 audio interface. The integrated colour screens display the software, a feature which proves itself to be very useful!
See more DJ soft and hardware


Behringer CMD DC-1
A solid MIDI controller equipped with 16 pads illuminated in retro style, 8 encoders and 8 assignable buttons. It is powered via USB and is compatible with virtually all well known DJ software!
See more DJ soft and hardware


Reloop RHP-15
A great, affordable set of DJ headphones: closed, comfortable, complete and compact with it’s fold-up system. Perfect for getting into DJing! → See all DJ headphones


Sennheiser HD-25 C II
This model is considered a benchmark among DJs. Compact and light with pivoting headphone earcups. Their trademarks? Sound isolation from background noise topped off with fantastic sound qualities. → See all DJ headphones


Serato DJ Software (Box-Version)
Simultaneously control 2 to 4 decks! Add to that the remote control capabilities over its main functions via an iPad, and you’ve got yourself some comprehensive DJ software! → See all softwares for DJs



Ortofon Concorde Pro S Set
Quite simply some of the best value for money in the market. Solid and effective, you simply cannot go wrong with this set of cartridge stylus and replacement stylus! → See more cartridges for turntables


Knosti LP-Cleaning Set
Make your records sound like they did when you’d just got home from the record store! → See all cleaning agents


the t.mix Record Brush
This small brush removes dust from vinyl records and therefore helps to preserve your diamond stylus! → See further DJ accessories!


DJ-Tech USB Mouse mit Traktor 3 LE
Mix and scratch your MP3 with this USB mouse equipped with a rotary control knob. Compatible with Mac and PC! → See further DJ accessories!


Hercules Stands Laptop stand
A great stand for your PC, stable and innovative. The stand is foldable and its height can be adjusted, and you can also vary the inclination. Delivered with a carry bag! → See more stands


Millenium DJ Screen
A lightweight screen for DJs that is easy to assemble. The material is flexible and looks fantastic when illuminated. It’s handy to keep your flightcases and cables out of sight! → See more DJ accessories


Magma LP Bag 100 Trolley
Sturdy wheels, plenty of pockets and a robust, comfortable extendable handle. Durable, sturdy zippers and waterproof material. → See more cases and bags for DJs


Magma Workstation Multiformat XXL
A flightcase especially designed for many popular DJ controllers by Pioneer, Numark and other brands. A solid build made of aluminum and plywood. → See more flight cases for DJ equipment


Showtec Stardrape 4x6m RGB LED
An LED star drape including controller and bag. The material is fire retardant and the controller weighs only 1.2 kg. 30 patterns, DMX and 192 LEDs. → See more LED curtains


Technics Slipmat Tecman
Two slipmats for a great price from the most renowned turntable brand, Technics. The print is pretty retro and the mats protect your records while allowing you to spin more easily. → See all slipmats


Cotton Music DJ Electronic T-Shirt M
100% cotton t-shirt in size M. A great shirt for DJs with a three-colour print. Made in Italy. → See more sizes and designs



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