Our gift ideas for musicians on the go

Our gift ideas for musicians on the go

Thanks to recent technological advances, it is now easier than ever to compose and record song ideas when you are out and about. Entire releases have come into existence this way.  To ensure you are well-prepared for the next jam with your friends, we have put together a small selection of portable equipment and instruments!


LD Systems Road Jack 8
“Mission Against Smartphone Speaker Music”! If you don’t care that you’re bombarding everybody around you with your music, then you might as well do it properly! This mini PA delivers the perfect sound when you’re on the road and has enough inputs for microphones and instruments. And yes, you can also connect your smartphone via Bluetooth! → See more battery operated loudspeakers


Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Amp BK
This small guitar amp delivers an astoundingly good sound for your electric guitar and it fits in bags of all sizes. The output makes light work of spontaneously recording onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop. → Check all solid state combos


Zoom Q4
This camera offers razor-sharp HD pictures of up to 1080p as well as a top class sound. Whether you’re a podcaster on the go or you just fancy making a live video of your performance, the Q4 promises to become your new, faithful partner.  → Check all portable recorders 


Arturia Beatstep Pro
Sound tinkerers can run riot with the Beatstep. In the blink of an eye you can create beats with the sequencer that hold your band together. And at the same time you can create new sounds for your song.  → See more controllers


Thomann Percussion Starter Set
This set offers you the perfect selection of percussion instruments to keep your rhythm section busy when you’re on the road. Shakers, sticks, vibraslap, tambourine and much more are brought together in a handy Rockbag.


Thomann TR 5 red Bb-pocket trumpet
Those who like to play trumpet on the go, but don’t fancy taking their darling (trumpet) with them, will get their money’s worth here. A fantastic sound despite its highly compact design, the pocket trumpet has won many a heart.


Thomann Melodica
Some will recall the melodica from their schooldays and know that it is a very easy way to have loads of fun and create cool sounds.
See more melodicas here!  → See all Melodicas


C.A. Seydel Söhne Chromatic Standard 48
This harmonica’s chromatic tuning offers you the best opportunity to jam with your mates. Its robust design means there’s no need to worry: playing outdoors is a piece of cake! → See all chromatic harmonicas


GoPro HERO4 Silver Music Edition
If your music video requires a few stunts or underwater shots, we recommend an action camera for the task. 🙂 GoPros are designed precisely for this kind of work and produce shots of up to 4K! → All GoPro products


Yamaha GL1
Fun is guaranteed! This mini guitar sounds just like a fully-fledged guitar but is much more compact. It has 6 strings like its older siblings and the fingering is exactly the same. → See all 1/8 size models 


Traveler Guitars Ultra Light NAT
This is arguably the smallest “real” steel string guitar. The scale length and nut width resemble those of its full-bodied siblings and its piezo pickup will deliver an authentic western sound through your speakers. → See all Traveler Guitars


Thomann Cajon Box
Cajons are portable and lightweight. This cajon takes up even less space and is even lighter! Made of cardboard and completely foldable, it can be played like a normal cajon and is no less sturdy than its wooden cousins. → See all cajons


Korg Monotron Delay
This mini synthesiser comprises the circuitry of the legendary MS10/MS-20 by Korg and lets you produce the craziest of sounds. A must have for when you’re on the move! → See more synths


ADJ Event Pod System
This 4-piece set creates the perfect lighting atmosphere no matter where you are. Its built-in batteries mean that no mains connection is necessary, while the remote control makes switching colours to suit your mood an easy task. → See more LED Deco lighting


Alesis Core 1
An interface is of course essential for recording. This small box, despite its compact size, has everything you need: a XLR and jack input as well as a switch for line and guitar signals. → See all USB audio interfaces


Akai LPK 25
This mini keyboard allows you to play melodies and harmonies as well as incorporate digital instruments in your songs, wherever you are.
See all small master keyboards



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Vincent started frequenting music shops at age eight. Picking up the Bass and Guitar followed not long after, as did bands. His love for music, from Sixties Pop and Soul to AnarchoPunk and Death Metal has only deepened with the years. He still regularly plays at Jam sessions, from Berlin to Cambodia.


    Some very interesting ideas. I like the mini pa & the Blackstarminiamp.

    Thanks for your words John, glad you liked the blogpost! The mini amps really are quite amazing these days, very loud and feature rich for their size. 🙂

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