Organising your Musician’s or Audiophile’s Interior Space

Organising your Musician’s or Audiophile’s Interior Space

It is hard to deny that we, musicians, are not really agents of order and organisation. The chaos of the creative process sometimes leaves its mark and this can be reflected in the state of your interior “decoration”. No shame in it though, the end goal is to create, compose and enjoy the music, not necessarily to have an interior fit for a decor magazine…

But hey, if you plan to film a few performances in this space, or if this space is also your living / dining room, a little order doesn’t hurt! We therefore offer you some DIY solutions and ideas for musicians and audiophiles!









Scores & archiving – nothing is lost!

If someone asks you where you left your second sock, you may have to search for hours, possibly without any results. If, on the other hand, you need to find the main sheet music of the song you last played ten years ago, you only need a few seconds: sheet music, lyrics, tabs, full arrangements or productions are neatly collected and organised on hard drives and other physical storage media. On your laptop, backed-up on the external hard drive, then tripled on the cloud just to be sure! You can never be too careful…

Store your recordings, photos & videos in a structured way

The same goes for your own recordings, which should never be forgotten in a sub-sub-sub-sub-folder with an unpronounceable name hidden in the back of what you thought was your music folder but which is missing. Ah, it turns out to be mixed with the photos of the 1997 Christmas dinner!

Each song or melody is a personal monument and represents a moment in your musical / creative life that should not be lost. But we also know that this can represent quite large amounts of files. This is why we recommend the purchase of an SSD which will allow you to store several terabytes of files with read speeds fast enough for using direct from the drive. Additionally, an SSD has no mechanical parts, which makes it much more rugged than hard drives.

Find all you need HERE for storing your precious files.

Guitars and basses, wall mounts and more!

Of course, musicians usually have no more than two hands, just enough to handle one instrument, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying our passion for collecting.

And all stringed instrument lovers know it: you can never have enough guitars, basses, etc. and so it’s often the case that instruments end up being stacked on top of each other in their cases, bags, or even on the floor. Not good for the instruments, nor for their collection value. So the challenge is to find a storage solution that works to preserve the instruments while not destroying the functionality of the room where they are located.

We therefore recommend wall brackets, of which there are many different variations. With just a few resources, and a little elbow grease, you can transform the walls of the room into a glorious Wall of Fame. If walls are not an option for one reason or another, there are also many floor stands that allow you to organise and showcase your instruments in a room. Where the space allows, there are even more creative ways to keep your beloved instruments from getting too dusty! (see photo to the left).

Find all the stands and hook solutions for your instruments right HERE.







Protecting Microphones & Co.

Each microphone is different and therefore transmits the sound it picks up differently. And, as a sensitive musician, you love each one dearly for their uniqueness, you would never let anyone or anything hurt them. Coincidentally, microphones are just as sensitive as you are and cannot be stored out in the open as decorations for your living room. So, ideally, you’ll want microphone cases, with a foam interior, for storage.

Find all the necessary studio furniture and storage HERE.

Your vinyl collection

Records have never lost their appeal: holding the music physically in your hands, looking at the cover and listening to the sometimes warm and slightly-crackling sound is always a particular pride of the collector. However, you know that the recordings are quite sensitive and should be stored optimally. To do this, you use inner sleeves with an antistatic film and at the same time put the turntable under a protective dust cover. Of course, store your records upright, also pay attention to humidity and avoid direct sunlight.

You have to ask yourself a few simple questions when rethinking your music space or simply your interior. Are there professional solutions such as cases, shelves, etc. Otherwise, go to the hardware store and assemble your own boxes, shelves, wall cabinets, and more…

A lot can be accomplished without spending hundreds or thousands. In many cases, generic storage systems available on the market can even put less strain on your wallet than items that are specially designed for musicians and audiophiles.

Basic advice: a little planning goes a long way :))

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