One way to sound like…Dimebag Darrell

One way to sound like…Dimebag Darrell

There are plenty of good metal guitarists, but not many have an unmistakable unique sound. The late Dimebag Darrel, inventor of the Power Groove belonged to these few. In his early years he was already an amazing guitarist and soon was discovered worldwide when Pantera made their breakthrough.

To mimic the Dimebag sound, you will first of all surely need a Heavy Guitar with aggressive Humbuckers and a Floyd Rose. Our Kris demonstrates this in the following video, using a Dean Dime From Hell, closely resembling the original. A less expensive alternative would be the Jackson JS32-T King V for example.

For the amp, one with a high gain is required, which lead us to choose the Randall RG 3003 Head which providies the Dimebag sound without tubes and at a decent price. For the baffle we chose the Engl E412SS-BK to sufficiently deliver that necessary power. For a budget-conscious alternative you can choose the Harley Benton G212.

For an extra push in the amp we selected the Harley Benton Wild Boost. Alternatively any Booster that doesn’t apply too much gain on the signal could do, such as the TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster. With much gain comes much noise, which is why we added a Noise Gate and in this case the Boss NS-2.

Dimebag was well-known for his use of the Digitech Whammy, without it songs like “Becoming” wouldn’t have been possible. The same goes for the Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork and additional Expression Pedal. To round off the sound further Kris added some Delay using the Harley Benton D-SEED. And last but not least, more Wah with of course the Dunlop Dimebag Darrel Wah!

Have you tried to sound like Dimebag before? What equipment did you use?


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