New Year’s Resolutions 2023

New Year’s Resolutions 2023

Christmas celebrations have just passed and New Year’s celebrations begin! Last year’s resolutions list is probably not fully completed… It’s OK, this is normal, don’t let it stress you out. Your intentions were good. 😉 Now it’s time to re-write your list of resolutions with a fresh burst of musical energy. After all, we want to continue to develop, musically and personally. Let’s see which screws are worth tightening…

Resolution #1 – Be good and kind to yourself

Mentally, the past few years have been a real drag. You can actively pull yourself out of this valley. Crises come (unfortunately) and go. Try thinking like this: I will face 2023 with optimism. I’ll keep active, do a bit of sport from time to time, have nice conversations and encounters and look forward to the good dose of adrenaline that shoots through my veins and say to myself: Life is wonderful! Try something new, maybe even learn a new instrument… 😉 Certainly a good resolution, life is happening right now, in the present moment.

When the music is ON, I vacuum the house like Freddie Mercury!


Resolution #2 –  Trust yourself

Of course, a personal bucket list with good resolutions also has a downside. There is the stress and anxiety of making big improvements in your life… and for what reason? If the reason is to conform to what others expect of you, then you’re on the wrong track. Especially in times of Instagram and Co., it is important to stay true to yourself and not care so much how you look to others. With a healthy amount of self-confidence, the first thing I’ll do to make resolutions is not to list what’s wrong with me, but what’s good about me. Then I set goals using the SMART method, which is a tool used to set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. It is a widely used approach to goal setting that can help you create goals that are clear, actionable, and motivating. Try it, and trust yourself!


Resolution #3 – Back to basics

Who wants to play their instrument in a routine way, anyway? What fun is that? But all too often we forget that routine, in terms of technique, can also mean progress. When the notes buzz and the tone is not quite there, we realize that we’ve been neglecting the basics for too long. A great resolution for 2023: Concentrate on the basics, at least when warming up, then end up with “stronger, faster, further” music. The basics are ideal for warming up and will hopefully help you play really clean notes and grooves again.

Finger workout for bassists!

Work it!

Resolution #4 – Become more organised and structured

Creativity and structure repeatedly collide as almost evolutionary opposites. And unfortunately we often only notice afterwards that we regularly throw time-consuming stumbling blocks in my way due to the lack of self-organization. “The other band members were on time for the rehearsal, I was ALMOST on time. The others had prepared their instruments, had the sheet music ready and had already thought about the music in advance. Not me.” That costs us all time. Tip: Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before the agreed time, to have a quick overview of things, to check cables and the like and to be ready with the necessary concentration.

There are two types of musicians. 1. Organised cables and mics. 2. Cable spaghetti.


Resolution #5 – Give creativity space and time

If we always just work through the set list – whether at home or at rehearsal – it can quickly degenerate into monotony. At some point the last break also fits. And yet the songs are played through again so that the processes are perfect. But if I’m honest with myself, there’s no room left for creativity, which is so important. How am I going to create something new if I’m constantly repeating what I’ve already chewed? My resolution for my bucket list 2023: I will make room! I will schedule fixed times when we just jam and come up with fresh ideas. And then those during which we work efficiently on the existing material. The two protagonists should balance each other out. Creative ideas are nothing less than the basis for your own future.


Resolution #6 – Keep experimenting (with sound & gear)

Admittedly, I envy those who are never really satisfied with their own sound and are constantly looking for new aural stimulationsriations. When I think about it, I realize that I’ve gotten used to my own sound. But there could be so many things that could significantly increase the appeal. My other resolution is: Don’t settle with a sound, keep experimenting! This way you discover and learn a lot more.

Pouring olive oil as guitar effects.

Keep experimenting!


Resolution #7 – Think outside the box

Concentration on your own instrument is important. At the same time, however, doing this significantly narrows your musical perspective. It’s as if you could cook deliciously with lots of spices, but just sprinkle pepper everywhere. A peppered banana does not taste good. I will let more “spices” into my music, I will also be open to other instruments and – wherever possible – get fresh impulses. With this resolution, I will certainly collect plenty of inspiration on my bucket list in 2023 and expand my musical spectrum. Maybe even with a new instrument. You never know!


Resolution #8 – Consistently protect your ears

After the rehearsal, my ears are ringing and every time I get angry at myself for not having protected my ears. You only lose hearing once; you should never risk it, and certainly not as a musician. Pops, feedback and similar aspirants are real hearing killers. I know that, so why am I treating my ears so unfairly? From now on, I will definitely use hearing protection without making any compromises. Preferably via an in-ear monitor system. This not only saves my hearing, but the overall sound is much more transparent at a tolerable volume. And if I don’t want to hear someone, I just lower or mute them out of my mix.

the t.bone IEM 75

the t.bone IEM 75

Resolution #9 – Listen to different music

And while we’re on the subject of listening, it occurs to me that my own listening habits have been quite limited in the past. Okay, I listen to my own music and then maybe the songs of my few favorite bands. That’s it. But doesn’t the real secret of music lie in the variety of ideas, in the special nuances that you discover when you unveil the secrets of other artists, bands and genres? I should definitely broaden my musical taste and go in search of something special. This is the only way I can sharpen my musical senses, which will then blossom like a flower in 2023.

Lisa Simpson with a tall ice cream cone. Each scoop is labelled with a different musical genre.

Have a cool, optimistic, happy and healthy 2023!

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