In-house Service Centre: Drums & Percussion

In-house Service Centre: Drums & Percussion

Our drums and percussion department is gaining new customers at an incredible rate. We think it’s due to an ever growing selection of exciting products, and also a highly professional team of staff. With the increase of drum and percussion products also comes a more regular need to repair, modify or tune them up. That’s why we present to you a short blog article about our Service Centre: Drums & Percussion department at the Thomann headquarters in Treppendorf. In fact you voted for it in our Instagram Stories poll a few weeks ago ️Enjoy! 

Get it fixed!

Whether it’s a problem with a cymbal, drum shell, drum hardware, cajón, handpan, singing bowl, timpani drum, xylophone, glockenspiel, shaker, electronic drum component, electronic drum pad or a gong (just to name a few) we are surely willing to help you with our tools and expertise. Give us a call or enquire online via live chat or email.

Keeping sustainability & economy in mind

Basically, we are the in-house customer service contacts that receive questions for special cases like a cracked cymbal or a malfunctioning e-drum kit module. We supply information on how to ideally solve the problem directly at the customer’s house, before anything else. If an e-drum pad is defective we first try solving it by sending a spare part instead of taking it back, which can be costly and not so ecologically friendly. When absolutely necessary these repairs are mainly done by our in-house electronic workshop, with whom we work in collaboration.

Tasks at SC Drums & Percussion

  • Answering email requests
  • Looking through customer videos to identify the issues and find the most fitting solution
  • Checking the quality of returned goods in order to store them as B-Stock again (if transport damages occur, we try to solve it in the most economical way)
  • Solving issues, over the phone, from internal stakeholder such as customer service, logistics, partner management, product management, etc. (as well as external service partners and manufacturers)
  • Identifying serial issues and trying to prevent those from happening again
  • Changing drum skins
  • Repairing tuning lugs and shells (often gluing back together)
  • Cleaning cymbals 
  • Changing drumheads (which are not under warranty)
  • Testing e-drum modules, cymbals, percussion, classic drums and all for functionality and repairing what is needed (tuning, tightening screws, etc.)
  • Warranty checks for our own brands (in cooperation with our customer service)
  • Warranty Checks of all brands (within the drum universe) within the third year of our Thomann Warranty

Inside the Service Centre


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Tools we use

Our “special tool” is simple but very useful: The drum tuning key and even better – the drum tuning drill bit for an electric drill which makes changing drum heads a real pleasure!

Contact us!

☎ by telephone: +49 9546 9223-8241

by email:

by live chat: Right side of this page where it says “NEED HELP?


Hope to see you soon!

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    I purchased E drum kit MPS150. Millennium in 2020. I am moving out and getting ready to sell the kit – but it’s been eating dust in my room for better part of last year. Headsets with the kit have been broken so they don’t work – what replacement can I use for the headset ? And I think my kicks are also not responding, so is there any way of fixing that.
    Appreciate your help.

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