In case you missed it: Music Never Stops Festival

In case you missed it: Music Never Stops Festival

Hold on… what? There was a music festival? I thought those were currently banned because of covid-19! When and where did this happen? How did I miss this?

At Thomann we decided to dive in at the deep end and organise a full-blown online music festival with 8 artists from 8 countries and all on 1 virtual stage. This happened on Thursday, August 27th, 2020 on our Thomann Music YouTube channel. Don’t worry, due to the fact that it was online and recorded, you can now watch it at your convenience on YouTube. And we greatly encourage you to. Here is why: 

Entertainment. The obvious reason for attending and watching a music festival is to be entertained. We’re sorry that it can’t be under the sun with all your best friends… this time it must be different, keeping with the social distancing rules. But remember that you can synchronise with your friends and watch it together in different places! Embrace the possibilities of today’s technology! 🙂

Diverse music.The artists hail from around the globe including places like Slovakia, Cuba/Spain, Colombia, Sweden, Germany, Canada, USA and England. Expand your musical horizons by discovering genres which maybe you haven’t listened to much before. We’re talking everything from psychedelic rock to commercial pop to indie electronica to latin jazz. One thing is for sure: you won’t be bored!

Artist support. At Thomann we know that these days are very difficult for many musicians. That’s why we decided to give a decent fee of €1000 for artists who were chosen to perform at the festival. We hope that this will offset some of their costs and keep them motivated during these hard times for artists (and event industry people).

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