What would these horror film characters buy at Thomann?

What would these horror film characters buy at Thomann?

If you happen to be visiting Thomann or shopping online with your favourite horror film character friend this article might help to steer you in the right direction. Or it might simply make you laugh and make you discover some of the more gnarly equipment available in our shop… 

***Warning: This post contains graphic/gory/creepy images which may not be suitable for the faint of heart.  ???


This ESP E-II RZK-II Burnt guitar really matches with Leatherface’s look; full of scars and burn marks. Looks like he made it with the skin of one of his victims. The Gewa Musical Saw is related to the chainsaw, and his family would love to hear the more subtle tones of the musical saw around Christmastime.

Jason Voorhees 

These two items, the Sabian Mini Monster Stack and the National Reso-Phonic Pioneer RP1 CI guitar, really resonate with Jason’s fashion sense… But I’m sure Jason would also enjoy playing one of these Gretsch G9500s by the camp fire at Camp Crystal Lake. A good hook for campers…


Well, since Dr. Frankenstein constructed his monster’s body with parts of different corpses, what could be more fun for him than building his own DIY Telecaster? He can experiment and use parts from other guitars; for example, the guitar’s heart can be the EVH Frankenstein Humbucker. Also this Hughes & Kettner tube amp head would give the doctor the power he needs to bring his creature to life; the Telefrankenstein.


If you’ve been following the Hannibal series, you will know what the human cello is. If not check on Google (warning: it’s pretty graphic). This Silent Cello from Harley Benton would work perfectly for Hannibal’s purposes and it’s a lot more portable than most:


He doesn’t kill people with his own hands, he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. That’s why only an evil mind like him would use an automatic tuner, such as the Tronical Tune Plus Typ A Marble Chrome. Also this Dean Michael Amott MAS Tyrant Axe guitar fits with his strange and bloody death machines:

Freddy Krueger

You can see Freddy playing a guitar, very similar to this ESP LTD V-401, in the TV show Freddy’s Nightmares. Evidently, Freddy’s hands are not ideal for shredding (unless you literally mean shredding) so he’s better off using the most resistant strings on the market, the Ernie Ball Paradigms.

IT (Pennywise)

He says it in the movies “they all floyd down here” so he would no doubt go for this Floyd Rose Original Vibrato Kit! And the second item on his shopping list would be the Thomann Trumpet Kazoo… what else would you expect from a clown?

Tallahassee from Zombieland

The world’s idea of banjos as just an instrument changed forever since we saw Tallahasee beating zombies with a 5-string one in Zombieland. He better choose a strong-built one like the Deering Golden Era:

Ash from Evil Dead

Ash loves saws, but like everyone else, doesn’t like paying for gas. With the Gewa Musical Saw he won’t have to. He’s just got one hand, but he still has two feet to beat all the demons out of Necronomicon with this Pearl P-3002CL Demon Double Pedal!

Michael Myers

When Michael’s not busy dancing, I’m sure he would be happy to kill you with his butcher’s knife and use this beautiful Dean Michael Amott Tyrant X SPL guitar as a cutting board:

Jack Torrance 

Jack could really use a break from his problems. Instead of listening to the voices in his head he could create his own in the form of music using this Boss VE-5 RD Vocal Performer. This might be good therapy for his bipolar problems…
This one could even help Regan from the Exorcist to be a successful singer!

Xenomorph from Alien

Spaceship is home for a Xenomorph, and nothing makes one feel more at home (in space) than the sounds that this Marienberg Devices System 2 modular synth can create! He would probably steal it, and we wouldn’t dare argue with him…

Norman Bates from Psycho

Norman is a detail-oriented man, and he loves to surprise his hostages with some tense violin music while they take a shower. A gentleman of his stature would most likely go for this Thomann Classic Violinset 4/4

Instead of giving candy this Halloween, why not surprise your loved ones with a gift from Thomann? 

Or… don’t trick yourself and treat yourself instead! 

? Happy Halloween ?

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