Hello New Gear – September 2019

Hello New Gear – September 2019

Hello, again, and welcome back to Hello New Gear! September is here and the innovation has not slowed down, in this article you’ll find all kinds of new music & sound equipment that will make Back to School season a little more fun… 🚀

Fishman Triple Play Connect

Triple Pay Connect, by Fishman is a revolutionary midi pickup system and iOS app for electric and acoustic guitar. It allows you to trigger any midi instrument sound you want, mix it with an additional one, select which range on the fretboard will trigger the sounds and adjust the parameters to you liking. To learn even more check out this promo video:

Price €288

Dato DUO

The Dato DUO is a synthesizer for kids aged 3 to 99, hours of fun and discovery, ease of use and high quality sound! It is 12-bit monophonic with 2 oscillators (sawtooth and pulse), variable pulse width, 2-pole low pass filter with resonance, 2 drum pads (kick and snare), delay and bitcrusher effect. On top of all that it has an 8-step sequencer, a 2-octave minor pentatonic keyboard and MIDI in/out! Music creation for the whole family!

Price €289

Marshall Fridge 4.4

Marshall has really stepped it up with their new… fridge. Yes, we’ve all heard about this accessory from the leading amplifier manufacturer but his time around they’ve gone all out on the design, capacity and energy efficiency (A+ rating). Its design features authentic knobs (the same ones you’ll find on the amps), genuine Marshall logos, fret cloth, a brass-finished faceplate and custom branded glass shelving. And it’s their biggest fridge yet in terms of capacity, the 126 litres of space allows you to cool 30 cans, 20 tall cans, 30 bottles and 3 two-litre bottles. That’s enough hydration for an orchestra!

Price €449

Roland Fantom 8

The ultimate synthesizer workstation with 88 hammer-weighted keys (PHA-50 wood and plastic hybrid structure) with velocity and channel aftertouch, ZEN-Core Sound Engine with 256-voice polyphony, V-Piano Sound Engine, over 3500 preset tones and more than 90 drum kits, and so much more. With the Fantom 8 you won’t need another synth ever again! This video gets deeper into its capabilities…

Price €3999

The Yamaha Stagepas 1k is the ultimate compact PA system. It has 3 mono mic / line inputs, one stereo line input, 2 mono line inputs, Bluetooth connectivity for music playback, Bluetooth sound control via smartphone / tablet, 1-knob EQ control per channel and an easy-to-setup design. Also, two Stagepas 1ks can be linked together allowing for greater sound coverage and expanding your inputs to up to 6 mono in a 2 stereo in! This video will give you a better idea of what it’s capable of…

Price €999

Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine

The Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine is an effects pedal that will transform your electric guitar (or other instruments if you’re feeling adventurous) into nine different bass sounds without the need for special pickups, MIDI or modifications to your instrument. It features a new algorithm maximized for transposing one to two octaves down with superior dynamics and tracking. You can control the mix of the effect and dry signals using separate volume controls and separate outputs. Get down!

Price €222

Have you tried any of these hot new products? How would you rate them? Let us know in the comments. Until next time gear lovers! ✌️

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