Hello New Gear – October 2020

Hello New Gear – October 2020

October is here and we are excited to announce some fine new products for you gear- and gadget-heads! Get ready to dive in head-first, you won’t be disappointed!


Behringer RD-6-AM

The Behringer RD-6-AM, an analog drum machine mimicking the classic Roland TR-606, is here in a rainbow of colours: yellow (Acid Smiley Edition), black, silver, translucent green, translucent blue, translucent orange, translucent red, translucent purple, blue and red. Woah! It boasts 8 drum sounds (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low Tom, High Tom, Cymbal, Clap, Open Hi-Hat und Closed Hi-Hat) with volume control for each as well as the accent track. The Clap sound is based on the one from Boss DR-110 and the distortion circuit, with controls for intensity and tone, is based on the one from the Boss DS-1 pedal. The RD-6 also has a 16-step pattern sequencer, memory slots for 2×16 patterns and so much more. Which colour would you choose?

Price €159

Roadworx Multi Electric Stand

The Roadworx Multi Electric Stand is an electrically-powered, height-adjustable stand for keyboards, synthesizersstage pianos, mixers, etc. It can be adjusted from 61 cm to 126 cm and everywhere in between and four heights can be stored as presets! Now that’s practical!

Price €298

Mod Devices MOD DUO X

The Mod Devices MOD DUO X is a freely configurable (open source) multi-effects unit and virtual instrument player with 2 independent effect chains. It has an integrated software editor, graphical editor operable via browser, its own MAX/MSP effects and loadable LV2 units. Check out the full specs on the product page and in the video below 👇

Price €739

Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX

The ultra light and compact Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX provides the sound engine and audio connections, while the BOSS Tone Studio app offers a YouTube browser that streams sound to Pocket GT, plus an intuitive interface for shaping sounds. This integrated learning approach simplifies set up and eliminates switching between apps, giving players a hassle-free way to enjoy premium guitar tones while watching online lessons and jamming with videos. Same sound engine as the best-selling GT-1 floor processor, Pocket GT puts over 100 world-class amps and effects in an ultra-compact package. The 99 user memory slots come filled with ready-to-play sounds. Check out the video below for more info 👇

Price €250

Zultan Impulz cymbal set

Zultan – The Cymbal Brand launched a brand new cymbal set called Impulz. The set is B20 bronze (20% tin and 80% copper) and 100% handmade in Istanbul, Turkey. It offers a big and bright yet sophisticated sound spectrum with rich harmonics covering a vast range of musical genres from rock and metal to pop and beyond and it suits to the hands of beginners, advanced drummers and professionals alike.

The set also works as a new reference point for quality cymbals available for players with a modest budget making Zultan one of the very few cymbal manufacturers worldwide able to offer a complete, high quality cymbal set at a price as affordable as Impulz.

Price: €250

Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

This is a digital saxophone, with the same fingering as an acoustic saxophone (including high F#, front F, and low A keys) with a built-in speaker unit and brass bell connected via IBAS (a patented Integrated Bell Acoustic System). It contains 73 sounds (including 56 sax sounds), 5 effects, volume control, different tuning modes (Eb, Bb, C), fine tuning (427 – 453 Hz, adjustable in 0.5 Hz steps), Bluetooth, stereo headphone output and battery (4x AAA) operation (or USB). Wow!

Price: €798

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