Hello New Gear – October 2019

Hello New Gear – October 2019

Hello, hello, October‘s edition of Hello New Gear is here! September flew by and several new innovative gadgets and products have landed… So without further ado, here is our hand-picked selection… 🚀

XVive U3C Microphone Wireless System

Wireless condenser microphone recording is a breeze with this new and sleek XVive product! It’s simple: You get a transmitter and a receiver, both USB rechargeable, you plug the transmitter into your condenser mic (switchable +12 V / +48 V phantom power) and plug the receiver into your recording device, USB interface, or sound/mixing board. Turn both gadgets on and you’re ready to record (and from up to a 27-meter distance)! More details in the video below ️👇

Price €219

Roland Aerophone mini AE-01

It’s not a portable vacuum cleaner, it’s a new digital wind instrument from Roland. The compact design is new, but the concept dates back to 2017 when its big brother, the Roland Aerophone AE-10 G, was released. What this instrument does is imitate certain instruments such as the Synth, Flute and Violin but with the free included app you can expand this to 50 different sounds and learn how to play using the integrated lessons! It also has a headphone jack, so you can play wherever, whenever! The video below shows how versatile this instrument is and what it is capable of…

Price €299

Many people have been waiting for the Behringer K-2, an analog monophonic semi-modular synth that has its origins and inspiration in the Korg MS-20. Actually, it’s a clone of the MS-20, only that the Behringer version is in Eurorack format. What is for certain is that the Behringer version will not empty your pockets like the original. This is guaranteed be a hot product! Check out the product page for specs and photos and the video below for a demo:

Price €319

Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 + Nx Head Tracker

This is so real that it’s unreal! Waves, one of the leaders in Plug-ins for audio production has developed this software/hardware integration which allows you to mix with your headphones but in a 3D environment so that what you hear is relative to your head’s position. Is sounds and feels like you are in the control room of Abbey Road’s Studio 3. This product is a must-try, see the video below for a demonstration and further explanation:

Price €135

Boss Katana 50 & 100 MKII

Why is everyone talking about these new Boss Katana amps? Well, they have some new features like more onboard effects and controls (but also the 60+ app-controlled Boss effects), 10 amp voicings, stereo pairing (the ability to hook up 2 Katana amps and use them for stereo effects), Power amp in for use with multi-effects and 4 memory slots for tone settings! On top of it all they simply sound amazing, hear for yourself in the video below:


Prices €259 & €359

Which ones have you tried? Which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments. Until next month, gear- and gadget-heads!! ✌️

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