Hello New Gear – March 2021

Hello New Gear – March 2021

The March 2021 edition of Hello New Gear is here! And it’s looking like a fiiiine month for gear indeed! Get ready to dive into these fresh and innovative products… 🏄


A fantastic new USB DAW Controller with 8 touch-sensitive 100 mm motorised faders, 8 + 1 rotary control with push function, 8 TFT LCD colour displays and illuminated RGB “Soft Feel” buttons. Up to 4 UF8 can be cascaded via USB (32 faders maximum) and it can control of up to 3 different DAWs at the same time via HUI / MCU DAW communication. Wow!

Roland FP-30X BK

The Roland FP-30X BK, a digital piano with 88 keys (PHA-4 keybed with Ivory Feel), 12 SuperNATURAL Piano tones, 20 E-Piano tones and 24 other tones, 256-voice polyphony, Bluetooth Audio (V3.0), Bluetooth MIDI (V4.0), built-in speaker system (two 12cm speakers) with 11 Watts each, transpose function, integrated metronome, recording and playback of Standard MIDI Files (SMF) and audio (wav. and MP3) on USB flash drive, 30 internal songs, whole, dual, split and twin piano modes, illuminated user interface and so much more.

Price: €699 / £499

Novation Circuit Tracks

Novation’s new groovebox with 2 synth tracks, 2 MIDI tracks, as well as 4 drum tracks! It also has a step sequencer with 32 steps (256 step sequences per track) with off grid function, integrated effects and synth patches, samples, and projects can be stored on microSD card. It boasts 32 velocity-sensitive, backlit RGB keys, 28 backlit, tactile RGB keys, 8 infinitely adjustable rotary knobs, master filter control with centre detents, transport keys, an integrated battery and more.

Price: €389 / £279

Rode Wireless GO II

Rode’s Wireless GO II is an ultra-compact digital 2-channel wireless microphone system! It comes with two clip-on transmitter modules (Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission) with integrated microphones (omni capsule) and a clip-on receiver RX or camera shoe mount. It has a built-in USB-C audio interface for digital audio output, for direct connection to computers or Android and iOS devices. The video below explains more…

Price: €299 / £215

Kali Audio IN-5

Kali Audio IN-5: Active near field monitors with a 3-way system with coaxial midrange/tweeter, 5″ woofer, 4″ midrange and 1″ soft dome tweeter. Fantastic monitors with a power of 160Watts (80/40/40Watt Tri-Amped), a frequency range of 39Hz – 25kHz, a maximum SPL of 112dB and EQ for adjustment depending on the room you’re in. Check out the video below for details!

Price: €344 / £244

Behringer 297 Dual Portamento/CV Utilities

This Eurorack module has 2 Portamento sections, each one with signal input / output and adjustable portamento time (10 ms – 3 s) and CV input. It also has two mixer sections, each with 4 channels, normal and inverted output and mixable fixed voltages (-10 V to +10 V). Its power requirement is 70 mA (+12 V) / 60 mA (-12 V) and its width: 16 HP. Check out the video below for further explanation…

Price: €97 / £69

Surfy Industries Surfybear Classic Reverb BL

Original Accutronics type-4 spring reverb coil effect for electric guitar! Ideal for surf guitarists as well as other styles allowing you to control Tone, Mixer and Dwell. Has 6.3mm jack input/output and a connector for an external footswitch. Hear how it sounds in the vid below:

Price: €355 / £255

There you have it folks! March 2021 isn’t looking too bad!! We hope you get to try out all of these great products. Let us know what you think with a comment! 

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