Hello New Gear – June 2020

Hello New Gear – June 2020

Welcome back to our monthly adventure that we call Hello New Gear, this edition, for June 2020, is loaded with new gear and gadgets that will get you ready for your summer adventures. Buckle up and get prepared for take-off! 🚀

Make Noise 0-Ctrl

This small CV controller and performance sequencer is the perfect link between analog synthesizers with a CV interface and your brilliant ideas. There is a touch field for each of the 8 steps and each step can be set with 3 controls: Pitch, Strength (dynamic gate / envelope) and Time. In addition, each step has its own gate output. There is also CV control for speed, running direction, reset and stop. The sequences are synchronised via the clock input and output. This works great with all Eurorack modules, but also with many desktop synths. See just how creative you can get in the video below:


Price €448

Moog Subharmonicon

The fantastic new polytonal semi-modular synthesizer by pioneering brand Moog takes two less-common aspects of music, poly-rhythms and sub-harmonics, and puts them at the forefront in one package. This machine boasts 2 analogue oscillators, each with 2 tunable sub-harmonics, 4 rhythm generators for generating poly-rhythmic patterns, 2 analogue 4-step sequencers with selectable quantization, a resonant Moog ladder filter (low pass, -24dB / oct.), VCA and VCF envelopes, each with adjustable attack and decay times, internal speed adjustable from 20-3000 BPM, a patchbay with 17 inputs and 15 outputs (3.5 mm) a much more. It includes a power supply (12 V DC) and 6 patch cables!

Check out the video below, Andrew Huang explains this machine’s potential in depth!

Price: €849

TC-Helicon Go Twin

A 2-channel audio/MIDI interface for mobile devices with built-in microphone preamplifiers and phantom power. Its connections include 2x combo inputs (XLR/jack 6.3 mm), 2x line outputs (6.3 mm jack balanced), a stereo headphone output, 2x 2.5 mm MIDI in- and output (incl. adapter cable 5-pin DIN) and USB (power is supplied via USB or 2x AA battery). It connects directly to iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices and allows for professional sounding audio recording on the go!

Price: €140

Polyend Tracker

The Polyend Tracker is a standalone hardware tracker, step sequencer and song arranger, which requires no computer. It uses granular synthesis  so your audio samples can be manipulated in countless ways (including micro tuning and micro timing), pitch and speed independent of each other. Other features include a sampler (forward, 1 shot, backward, ping-pong), wavetable synthesizer (compatible with Ableton Wave and Serum), a display with 8 screen keys, up to 48 instruments per project, step sequencer with 256 patterns at 128 steps per project, 48 silicone pads with precise response, MicroSD card slot and so much more. Watch the video below for a demonstration:


Price €483

Zultan 20th Anniversary Cymbal Set

Zultan – The Cymbal Brand celebrates their 20th anniversary this year by launching a special limited-edition cymbal set! The set contains a 15” hi-hat, 17” and 19” crashes and a 22” ride which are 100% handmade B20 bronze cymbals. It’s brilliant for jazz, funk and ”grungy” rock styles thanks to the earthy tone, medium dry decay and articulate response of the cymbals. The captivating range of rich, detailed sound and peculiar dark look of the set has been obtained by skipping the lathing process and by using a larger and more pointy hammer. Get them before it’s too late 😉

Price €669

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Joe started playing the guitar when he was 10 and has been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Raček.


    Interesting gear. Tjek out the videos below. It might be me be blind but i cant find the videos below

    Hi Henning!
    You have to click on the little down-arrow under the text, it expands the section where you can see the video and the price of the product. Hope that helps!
    Cheers, //Joe

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