Hello New Gear – February 2021

Hello New Gear – February 2021

Will 2021 be better than 2020? Of course, there are tons of hot and innovative products for you to explore! In this February 2021 edition of Hello New Gear we will show you some of the latest and most exciting ones! Get ready 🚀

Roland Verselab MV-1

A complete song production studio with beat production, sequencing and mixdown to the finished track on your desktop? Including AI-based pattern / chord generator, step sequencer in the legendary Roland TR style and ready-made song templates? This is exactly what the Roland Verselab MV-1 is. Produce your own tracks with 3,000 preset sounds and 80 drum kits. Not enough? Load your own samples and loops via SD card or record loops and your vocals via the integrated inputs! Perfect your mix with 90 different effect types and master your finished track with special master effects. Zeale from Blackillac shows you in the video below how you can produce a finished song with the Roland Verselab MV-1 in under 10 minutes:

Price: €679

Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core

The Antelope Zen Go Synergy Core is a 4×8 USB-C interface with Synergy Core FX Processing Platform. It offers 2 microphone / line / Hi-Z inputs via combo XLR sockets including discrete ultra-linear preamplifiers with 65 dB gain and 48 V phantom power. The AD / DA conversion takes place with up to 127 dB headroom and with two separately controllable headphone outputs you are equipped for every recording session even on the go. The highlight, however, are the 37 integrated real-time effects, which are calculated by the Synergy Core Engine and which you can hear with less than 1 ms latency in real-time monitoring. You can find all the details and the complete list with all 37 effects from tube compressors to guitar amps on the product page.

Price: €499

Playtime Engineering Blipblox After Dark

This crazy synthesizer isn’t just the perfect synthesis learning tool for kids 3 and up and the young at heart. With 16 oscillator models, each with two selectable modulation inputs for pulse width modulation, detune, FM, oscillator sync, wavetable scanning, 256 wavetables, multimode resonance filter with low-pass, band-pass or high-pass characteristics, 2 LFOs and 2 modulation envelopes, 100 kick and snare samples with editable pitch as well as an integrated sequencer with 300 melodies and beats, the brightly flashing box is a real groove box and may soon be your first choice when producing your next electro hit! What looks like two thrust levers from the first spaceship Enterprise are the controls for speed and filter control. You can see and hear what the Bliblox After Dark can do and how it sounds in the video below.

Price: €199

Vicoustic VicBooth Ultra 2x2 White Mate

Quiet – silence to record without annoying background noises, that would be nice! But the people around you shouldn’t hear you either when you practice loudly or play tracks. Doesn’t work because you live in an apartment building or because you have your studio in the small basement? It works – with the Vicoustic VicBooth Ultra 2×2 White Mate! This soundproof booth with solid door and window is perfect for voice recordings, as a practice booth or for recording and mixing. Your Airflow Labyrinth allows air to circulate inside the cabin in a passive way and thanks to the cable duct, cables can still be laid after installation. Thanks to its modular design, it is expandable and with a height of just over 2 meters it fits in almost any room. The walls and ceiling are made of MDF with a melamine coating and high-performance VicPET wool covered with gray felt (mainly made from recycled plastic bottles!). Now you can be loud and no one hears!

Price €8309

Image-Line FL Studio All Plugins Edition

Image-Line FL Studio with its simultaneous pattern and track-based working method is one of the most popular DAWs for Mac and Windows in the club music scene. The software from Belgium started its success story under the name Fruity Loops over 23 years ago and has long since matured into a complete production tool. With the All Plugins Edition, a version is now on the market that includes all 102 native FL effects and instruments that are currently available from Image-Line. Has there been something like that before? Yes, but this time the price has almost halved! By the way, lifelong free updates are just as natural at Image-Line FL-Studio as the excellent support. You can find all specs and the download version on our product page.

Price: €485

1010music bluebox

The 1010music bluebox is a compact 12-channel audio mixer AND digital recorder housed in a robust metal housing measuring a staggering 14 x 13 cm – it doesn’t get any smaller than that! Meant to fit in virtually every laptop bag (or guitar gigbag), it’s the perfect mixer for the travelling musician. Up to 12 mono or 6 stereo tracks can be mixed live (or with pre-recorded tracks, sending the signal to the main PA through the equipped stereo line outputs, for example). In mixer mode the parameter for the single tracks can be controlled by using the knobs and the bright colourful display, while in track mode the same display shows all parameters for a single track. 4 band EQ, global reverb and delay (useful for pre-recorded backing vocals ;)), compressor, MIDI-synchronizable effects (a mini jack to 5-pin DIN adapter is included) and a great sound quality (24-bit at 48kHz) make this device a great little friend for every musician. Power is supplied via USB, songs can be saved on a microSD card and the video below explains everything in details:

Price: €529

Bose L1 Pro32 + SUB1

The brand new portable line array system from Bose is perfectly suited for singer / songwriters, DJs and bands as well as for medium-sized venues such as weddings, clubs, banquet halls and festivals. Here we take a look at the flagship out of the L1 pro family, the Pro32 column, equipped with 32 mid-tweeters (articulated neodymium drivers), and the separate SUB1 subwoofer, equipped with a 7″x 13″ high excursion RaceTrack driver. The system gets set up within minutes and the connection is easy as a cake. 2x 6.35MM XLR/combo socket with phantom power, an aux input (3.5mm) and Bluetooth connectivity input options are enough to meet every demand. The integrated mixer has LED-driven EQ, features the acclaimed Bose ToneMatch system for selecting presets and includes many different effects. The whole system is also controlled via smartphone, through the L1 Mix app.

Price: €2,899

Swissonic HDMI USB 3.0 Capture 4K

Regardless of whether you want to stream or record a gig/rehearsal of your band on the web, or simply record your next Minecraft run on your next-gen game console for your twitch channel: with the Swissonic HDMI USB 3.0 Capture 4K plug & play input adapter, both are really easy tasks. Trouble-free transmission of HDMI signal through USB 3.0 to your laptop, supporting the processing of a native video signal up to 4K60 (4K resolution at 60 fps) which is transcoded to 1080p60 (Full HD resolution at 60 fps) via USB with stereo audio. The adapter, when plugged, gets recognised as an external webcam by your PC/Mac, and is therefore ideal to hook up DSLR, mirrorless, camcorders and action cameras. Let the streaming game begin!

Price: €98

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