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Hello New Gear – February 2023

Hello New Gear – February 2023

There are still eleven months to go in 2023 and, already in the first month, we have chosen eleven exciting products to highlight here for you. From great synthesizer news to effect devices and microphones to e-drum kits for kids and DJ controllers for beginners, there are great things to discover again in February. Here we go! 👇

Sennheiser IE200

Sennheiser, a big player in the IEM and audio world, just launched their new series of In-Ear Monitoring. IE200 features diffuse-field equalization for a balanced sound, nearly zero total harmonic distortion, compact dimensions to fit any ear, large or small and a frequency response: 6 Hz – 20,000 Hz. The set includes a braided, detachable cable, silicone and memory foam sets of different sizes, a pouch and, naturally, the Earphones themselves. If you’re looking into buying your first IEM and want to experience Sennheiser sound quality, check the IE200 out.

Tiptop Audio Model 266t

The Source of Uncertainty is the name of this Eurorack module from Tiptop Audio, which is all about chance. It generates various analog random voltages with 2 channels for random fluctuation, one channel for quantized random and one channel for random control voltages with two outputs and different statistical distribution of the random values. Sure, Sample & Hold is also on board. If you are looking for completely unexpected results, you should leave nothing – or everything – to chance and use this module!

Kawai CA-901

The new CA-901 digital piano from Kawai has 88 weighted keys with hammer action and Ivory/Ebony touch (Grand Feel III) as well as 96 sounds including Shigeru Kawai EX Competition Grand and Shigeru Kawai EX Concert Grand with 5 rendering characters each as well as Kawai EX Concert Grand, SK-5 Grand and K60 piano, which are reproduced via a sophisticated sound system with soundboardEffects, recording and Bluetooth capabilities are a matter of course here. The 256-voice polyphonic top model of the CA series is operated via the 5-inch touch display. Available in Black , High Gloss BlackWhite and Rosewood .


The Japanese manufacturer Zoom presents two new multi-effects units for electric guitars. The G2 and G2X feature 22 amp/cabinet models and 79 guitar effects including boutique pedal modeling. 7 effects can be used simultaneously. 250 of the 300 patch memory locations are already pre-programmed with sounds from the ’50s to today. Additional patches can be loaded and edited via the app. Tuners and 80-second loopers are also on board. The X model features an expression pedal for controlling volume, wah-wah and more.

Universal Audio Sphere LX & DLX Modeling Microphones

The Universal Audio Sphere LX and Sphere DLX large-diaphragm condenser microphones are modeling mics designed to recreate the sonic behavior of 38 classic ribbon, condenser, and dynamic microphones. And while the LX has dual mode for different microphone combinations, the DLX allows stereo recording with a single microphone. Both have a gold-coated 2.54 cm double diaphragm, a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Includes mount, cable and bagThe video below gives you an insight into how the microphones work.

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Millenium Rookie E-Drum Set

This new e-drum set from Millenium is suitable for children as young as 3 year old. This space-saver, with a required floor space of just 100 x 50 cm, is fully equipped with a 7-inch mesh pad snare, three 7-inch mesh pad toms, three 8-inch cymbal pads, a hi-hat controller and a bass drum pedal. The sound module offers 68 sounds and 12 drum kits. Our tip: Don’t forget to order drumsticks, only then are you ready to start! You can find out what the e-drum set for children sounds like in the video below.

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Valeton GP-200LT

The Lite version of the Valeton GP-200 is a multi-effects pedal for all electric guitarists who like it a little more compact. With over 240 effect types , 70 amp and 70 cab simulations, everything is there to be able to call up all the important sounds anywhere – and of course in the usual Valeton quality. 11 modules can be used freely in the effect chain. A 180-second looper100 drum patterns, and the built-in 6-in, 4-out USB audio interface. Huge possibilities for your pedalboard!

Behringer System 55

The Behringer System 55 is the extensive recreation of Moog’s legendary System 55 in Eurorack format. But while the original is unaffordable for many and has long since been sold out, you can get the Behringer version directly from us at a significantly lower price. 37 legendary modules, from various filters to oscillatorsmixers and MIDI interfaces to the legendary sequencer, have been reproduced as accurately as possible and are included in the scope of delivery. The supplied housings including the power supply still have 144 TE to expand the system with your favorite modules. Wow!

Harley Benton Loud & Louder

This effects pedal from Harley Benton is an analog dual overdrive & booster for electric bass. The transparent booster delivers up to +20 dB clean boost and has a 2-band EQ. The overdrive is our interpretation of the original Japanese green OD circuit. Both effects can be used individually or simultaneously, then in any order. There is also a hot mode for loud, dynamic and open sound or the warm mode, which sounds more traditionally compressed and smooth. Your electric bass will sound better, trust us.

Harley Benton Spaceship Power Pedalboards

We’ve now introduced you to several effect devices and you don’t have a pedalboard yet? No problem, because with the Harley Benton Spaceship Power Pedalboards we always have the right board in our range in various sizes from 7 insulated and 4 uninsulated to 15 insulated and also 4 uninsulated connections, most of them with a transport bag . Whether you want an exclusive selection of your favorite effects or you prefer the complete package for every imaginable sound on stage, with these pedalboards you are always perfectly positioned on stage or in the rehearsal room.

SE Electronics DynaCaster DCM 3 und DCM 6

With the DynaCaster DCM 3 and DCM 6SE Electronics presents two new dynamic studio microphones that shine when it comes to speech and singing. Both have a cardioid polar pattern, an integrated pop filter and a frequency response of 40 to 18,000 Hz . The DCM 6 also has a switchable integrated preamp that increases the level by 30 dB if required and works with 48 V phantom power. In addition to being used in the recording studio, the two also perform very well in podcasts and videocasts.

Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 300 MK2

One of the classics in the entry-level segment of DJ controllers is now available in a new MK2 version. The Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 300 MK2 with integrated USB audio interface is equipped with two 150 mm jog wheels with pressure detection and vinyl feeling. With the eight performance pads per deck you have access to the most important modes such as hot cue, roll or slicer. Music streaming services such as Beatport ADVANCED, Beatsource, SoundCloud GO+ or TIDAL are supported . The software Serato DJ Lite & DJUCED and DJ Academy are included in the scope of delivery. Happy entry into the world of DJing!

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