Hello New Gear – August 2020

Hello New Gear – August 2020

Hello New Gear, August 2020 edition, is here and we are excited to spend the last month of the summer with the following new gadgets and gear! Get ready to take off into a new level of innovation and sounds  ⚙🚀⚙

Korg NTS-1

This is a digital DIY synthesizer that you actually have to build yourself, but don’t worry, it can be easily assembled without soldering. The result you get is a monophonic sound engine, the same multi-engine found in the Prologue and Minilogue XD synths with VPM waveforms, user-programmable oscillator, multimode filter (low pass, high pass, band pass), digital effects from Prologue and Minilogue XD synths, arpeggiator, 3 LFOs, 1 envelope generator, integrated speaker, ribbon keyboard and much more. Check out the in-depth demo in the video below:

Price: €109

Mevo Start

Need a video camera for live streaming that isn’t bulky, expensive or a smart phone? The Mevo Start is a compact and complete solution for streaming live video with NDI video output ideal for simultaneous streams and recordings up to 1080p. It’s controllable with the Mevo App for live editing of your broadcast. It has 3 built-in MEMS microphones for excellent sound quality with low noise and also a 3.5 mm connector for external mics. Plus, this baby can stream and record for up to 6 hours with the internal battery. Not bad at all!

Price €429

Stairville LED Vintage Bowl 50 RGBA

Stairville LED Vintage Bowl 50 RGBA is a 50-cm, DMX-controllable, 60-W LED light for stages, clubs and events in a stable metal construction. It’s illuminated reflector has a unique and vintage look and it can be used with the automatic colour change and fade programs, selectable static colours and music control via DMX.

Price €189

Jupiter Try-Out-Box

Jupiter‘s Try-Out Box enables music students to try their first wind instruments for a very good price. It is a set of 5 dishwasher-safe mouthpieces for beginners to try “blowing” for the first time. It also includes an online course. Ideal for orchestras, music schools, music teachers and homemade music!

Price: €14,60

Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500

A fantastic new DJ Controller with jog wheels (with touch recognition), 16 RGB pads with 8 modes (including hot cue, loop, slicer), quantize, loop in / out buttons, filter controls, 3-band EQ and so much more. It includes Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED for Mac and PC.

Price: €291

Roland VAD506 E-Drum Set

An Electric Drum Set with a V-Drums acoustic design, full-size drum pads, wooden bass drum and toms, stainless steel snare drum, new lighter and thinner cymbal design for more realistic vibration behaviour, 728 Sounds,55 Preset Kits, 45 User kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling technology, Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for the direct and wireless streaming of music from your smartphone or MIDI to compatible devices, Sample reverb (IR) puts very realistic sounding room reverbs at your fingertips, up to 500 WAV samples can be imported, Quick record, SD card slot (SDHC compatible) and so much more. Just watch the video below to hear just how real these drums sounds are and how versatile this kit is:

Price: €4,490

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Joe started playing the guitar when he was 10 and has been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Raček.

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