Headphones: our gifts ideas for Christmas

Headphones: our gifts ideas for Christmas

Never before have headphones been as popular or as widely talked of as they are today. Some people even consider them to be fashion items. Yes, they certainly can be, but we shouldn’t forget that they’re also about being able to listen to our favourite songs no matter where we are, as well as being well-equipped for mixing songs or monitoring a stage. This list of gift ideas have been put together to give you a small insight into the world of headphones. 

HiFi Headphones

Marshall Major MKII Brown
Beside its area of expertise, namely amps, Marshall has managed to gain a foothold in the production of high-quality equipment. Built in the classic Marshall style, these on-ear headphones are not only a hit because of the sound they produce.  → Check out all HiFi Headphones


House of Marley Chant Midnight
These headphones are worlds apart from the in-ears you would find at the counter in the electronics shop. Made of high-quality materials in an environmentally friendly way, they produce a sound that is worth its salt. → Check out all HiFi Headphones


Magnat LZR 588 BT Black/Silver
This is a prime example of how Bluetooth headphones should be: short charging time, long playing time and an excellent sound. The icing on the cake? These Magnat headphones are affordable. → See all wireless headphones


Studio Headphones

Fostex TH-900
This is definitely a product of the higher class and is our recommendation only for professionals, hi-fi nerds or musicians who really value the perfect sound. Anybody who has worked with them will know exactly what I am talking about.
See all studio headphones


Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm
These are THE classic headphones for studios. Comfortable with all frequencies, this model offers a noticeably high-quality spatial representation. → See all studio headphones


InEar Headphones

Shure SE215-CL
You’re working on the stage but have the sound of the band streaming perfectly into your ears – that’s what the SE215 ensures. It is also (if not primarily) suitable for drummers and bassists who want a bit more “wumm” in their sound.
See all InEar headphones


InEar StageDiver SD-4
The StageDivers, thanks to their 2-way system, deliver a high-quality, clear and subtly defined sound for your perfect show. This is music at its best! → See all InEar headphones



Samson S-Amp
When recording or mixing, it is indispensable to have a decent headphone sound. If the signal from your console is weak and/or needs to be distributed, the S-Amp is the solution. → Check out all the headphones preamps


Fostex HP-A8C
Great headphones need a great preamp – and vice versa. The signal produced by this amp has undergone some of the finest treatment that one can expect from a preamp.
Check out all the headphones preamps


ROOMs Audio Line Typ FS W Headphone Stand
Simply putting your headphones down is a thing of the past. Nowadays, the audiophile places his dearest source of acoustic pleasure down, both carefully and decoratively, to rest. 😉 → See more accessories for headphones


Thomann Headphone Case
Your headphones should not suffer, even when you’re on the move. This water-repellent, sturdy material offers them excellent protection.
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the t.bone Headphone Adapter
Everyone knows how it feels when their jack to mini-jack adaptor (or vice versa) goes missing – again! Simply secure it in this in-ear case and it will all be fine and dandy. 😉 → See more accessories for headphones


Thomann Mix Case 1812A
Your in-ears must survive your tour without a scratch too! After all, they give you that feeling of security on stage that you can’t have without monitoring. Which is why you should protect them with a case like this. → See more accessories for headphones


pro snake 20091
The distance between you and your preamp is too long for a normal headphone cable, especially in the studio. Hence our solution for you: this extension cable.  → See more accessories for headphones


Thomann Tumbler
What could be more beautiful than listening to your favourite songs on a winter stroll through good headphones while savouring a cup of fresh coffee? 😉
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