Quiz – What type of guitarist are you?

Quiz – What type of guitarist are you?

Guitarists come in all shapes and sizes! Lurking behind the various guitar styles and distinct gear are the often stereotypical traits that simply can’t be ignored among guitarist personalities. Reveal your guitarist personality in this fun quiz and let us identify what type of guitarist you really are or are yet to blossom to 🙂


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Lawrence started playing the electric guitar because of his passion for rock music. Back in the day he played in a metal band, but now plays more for himself.


    Yeah I’m cool with that result. Not what I expected but happy to be recorded as a ‘Jazzcat’

    I got old rocker. I’m guessin that playing in the bar and not banging my head off directed me toward the old rocker status.
    I’m totally way more metal.
    Shreddin Emg 81’s @18 volts w/ metal pedal into tweaked marshall… old rocker?
    I might not be as cool as I think I am

    Sorry Ryan, but you really need to step it up on the head banging front 😛

    Not that “Jazzcat” is bad or anything, but it´s still wrong for me as a classical guitarist.

    Jazzcat! Don’t know how that happened, jazz being probably my least favourite genre.

    LOL Jazzcat – ain’t it the truth!!!!

    Haha jazzcat! Well, most of the questions where irrelatable to me. I personally use dunlop stubby 3mm, would love me a dimarzio white locking strap (the big one), I play 9s or 10s mostly hybrid sets cause it’s feels good for drop D, I look up to many guitarists, the pedal I want is a strymon big sky and timeline why not the mobious as well, the guitar that makes my fingers tingle is the Gibson SG even though it doesn’t suit my humongous hands properly. I think that’s it. Oh and I would love to try the carbon jazz III cause mick thomson uses them and it is the cousin if the stubby I guess. In the quiz I chose the jazz three cause there was no stubby!

    I’m the…. Shredder? Wow

    That pretty much nails me.I really love playing old r&b,funk,and motown also.

    Sir, what did you mean by “Playing a basic C major chord is simply not an option”?

    Blues Man….. The place with more emotion than technique I can live with that as a final answer

    Old rocker. I play post punk and alternative rock but I like old rock too I guess.

    Not a hipster just because I dislike Mesa Amps.

    Jazzcat? I MAKE NOISE ROCK!

    I got old rocker….so glad I didn’t get Jass cat

    I’m totally an old rocker. I rock the Epiphone G400 1966 Cherry red SG model.

    Nice im a shredder very accurate i could say 🙂

    Woww!! That is really what I am.Happy to be entitled the “lover”

    Mine came out – Shredder. And I play Blues mostly.

    Me again bc i forgot…
    So mine came out Shredder. I play all kinds of Blues. I can play any Metal just like that. And i do not even practice it.
    I love Metal. muya!

    I may have gotten Jazz Cat which is what I am mostly, (r&b, studio cat is better) but almost none of the options available were my preferred choices. I’m a weirdo that likes solid state or amp sims and am partial to the furthest away I can get to a superstrat or strat and once in a blue moon I get in touch with my shredder roots but with headphones on lul

    i am most certainly not a jazzcat

    I hate jazz


    This is so accurate!!! It got everything right!!

    A Blues woman! Exactly! I’m trying to be one… Emotion before technique…Sweet!

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