Our gift ideas for guitar players

Our gift ideas for guitar players

One can consider it one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. The electric guitar has revolutionised our world en changed the face of music. More than any other instrument it defines and shapes Rock music. There are all kinds of guitar players, metalheads, the bluesmen, the one-man band, the session or producer style guitarist and on it goes. Below you will find our gift suggestions for every kind of electric guitar player.

Sets for beginners

Harley Benton TE-40 TBK Deluxe set

A set that has everything you need, it includes a guitar, a cable, an amplifier, a tuner, a gigbag, a strap as well as an instruction booklet. The quality of this Harley Benton guitar is unbelievable at this price and the amp will also pleasantly surprise you! Check out more guitar sets


Harley Benton SC-550 Paradise Amber Flame Bundle

A set for the beginner who really wants a flying start on a very nice guitar. The SC-550 has an arched top and a beautiful flamed AAAA pattern. This set also includes an amp, a gigbag and a cable. The essentials to start of with! Check out more guitar sets


Fender Squier Affinity Strat HSS/15G Set

This set for beginners allows anyone to start of with a  great, versatile guitar made by a legendary company. The set consists of an amp, a tuner, a cable, a gigbag, guitar picks and an instructional DVD. → Check out more guitar sets


For Metal players

BC Rich Warlock Widow BK

A guitar for making a great start in metal. It has an unmistakable and imposing look with the shape of a scarab. The Warlock Widow brings the thunder and guarantees a huge sound! From a build quality perspective this guitar also has been very well made and it has a comfortable and fast neck. → See more metal guitars


Chapman Guitars ML-7 T 

A beautifully finished top, a superbly comfortable neck hardware made my Hipshot, the Chapman guitars have an excellent price-quality ratio. Made by an outstanding guitar builder to a high standard you will get very clearly defined sounds on both the clean or crunch/gain channel of your amp. Check out all the models by Chapman


Ibanez RGIR27FE-BK 

This 7 string model from the Iron Label series produced a really big and heavy sound. Fitted with the Humbuckers EMG 707 pickups, this guitar enables you to easily play some huge riffs in the bass register range! → Check out more models with 7 strings


Guitar Grip Metallic Male Hand 

A guitar holder for on the wall which is a little creepy but above all super original! Check out all the products by Guitar Grip


Minotaur R2 Rivet & Skull Strap

A strap made from leather with 6 skulls and conical studs! This thing screams Metaaaal \m/ Check out all the leather straps


Q-Parts Pot Knob Skull ‘n’ Bones BK

A control knob for a guitar potentiometer made in chrome metal, perfect for customising your guitar so it has a fearful look!! → Have a look at all the knobs


Evh Bar Stool 30″

The Eddie Van Halen bar stool, there is no cooler accessory for a guitar shredder. Besides looking great it is also  super comfortable! Have a look at all the stools



For the One Man Band

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

5 minutes loop time, unlimited overdubs, true bypass, stereo input and stereo output, reverse effect and half-speed. An intuitive pedal and above one an ideal one when you want to work on producing material by yourself, get inspired and compose songs. → Check out all the loopers


Shure GLXD16

Solid, dependable, exact and light! This transmitter and pedal style receiver with built in tuner is exceedingly practical for guitar players. → Check out all the wireless systems for guitars


Roland Micro Cube GX RD

Since it can also be powered by batteries, this Roland Cube is the amp of choice for many travelling guitar players and buskers. Well made and having many useful features including integrated modelling types as well as effects, a tuner and Apple connectivity. A legend of the streets! → Check out other battery powered combo amps


Traveler Guitars Electric Ultra Light Electric Guitar

Guitars specifically made for travel are generally very beloved by guitarists that move around a lot. This electrical guitar is one of the very lightest and fits well in any standard suitcase. → Check out more models by Traveler Guitars



For the producer type guitar players

Line6 Variax Standard SB

The Variax is an electric guitar specifically made for modelling. It can reproduce the sound and tone of 13 different electric guitar models as well as 10 acoustic guitar models and offers 11 alternative tunings and 16 different types of mics. The build quality is very good, this unit is very comfortable to play! → Have a look at all the MIDI/Modeling guitars


Apogee Jam 96K

Portable and mobile Audio Interface for use with the guitar and Apple products, this interface has studio quality. Those in the know always consider converters by Apogee some of the very best… → Check out other accessories for Apple products


Zoom G3 

Multi-effect and audio interface for electric guitar, this beast has more than a 100 effects, a looper, and includes a free copy of Cubase LE 8. An ideal interface and bridge between your amp, computer, guitar and more!Check out all the USB equipped audio interfaces audio


Avid Eleven Rack + Pro ToolsAvid Eleven Rack + Pro Tools 1 Year 

Multi-effect, audio interface with USB operating at 24-Bits/96 kHz, this unit has a rack format and is great for studio usage. An impressive collection of amp sounds and effect pedals. A card that allows you to activate Pro Tools for 1 year is also part of this package All the USB audio interfaces are here


Line6 Amplifi TT

Guitar interface, streaming Bluetooth receiver, or pre-amp with modeling/multi-effects, the Amplifi TT. Very practical for your home studio, and far making fast recordings of guitar lines! → Browse all the guitar pre-amps here



TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Tuner

The Polytune technology was designed so that you can monitor/tune 6 strings as the same time. Simple, fast, extremely precise as well as practical since it just clips on to the headstock of your instrument.→ See all the tuners here


Harley Benton Pick Holder

Very practical and it helps you to not lose all your pics, this pick holder easily attached to your mic stand. → Check out all the pick holders


Monster Cable Classic Instrument 21AC WH WW

A very durable coiled cable in white, very original and nobody will ever again confuse your cable with one of their own! → Check out all instrument cables


Santo Angelo Killswitch One 10L

The Killswitch technology consists of a mute button on the angled jack. This way you can plug and unplug your cable without a loud noise or pop on your amp. Ingenious!→ Check out all the instrument cables


Schaller Security Locks C

A complete strap lock system that makes it impossible for your guitar to slip out of the strap and to it’s doom. Once you screw them in and attach the strap you can rest easy, your guitar is not going anywhere. At the same time it is easy to remove the strap if you pull on the little round end.→ Check out more strap accessories


Minotaur Peacemaker Brown Strap

A strap made from high end, real leather for bass or guitar, can be adjusted to be very long and even has a peace symbol on it!→ Check out all the models by Minotaur


dAndrea Ace Stained GlassVintage Strap

A strap with vintage styling, it has a pattern which resembles the design that Hendrix used during Woodstock!→ Other straps by d’Andrea


Fender Wood Hanging Guitar

If you love your guitar, why not get a luxurious, beautiful, stable stand for it. It will look great in your house!→ More stands for guitars and basses



Hercules Stands GS422B 2-Way Guitar Stand

A guitar stand for 2 guitars, adjustable in height and with a security system. With this system there is no risk that your guitars ever accidentally fall on the floor! → Have a look at the other stands for guitars and basses


Tools and more

Cruztools Stagehead Compact Tech Kit

Multi-functional tool set to work on guitars and basses, this set permits you to adjust your instrument in almost every way possible! → Check out all the products by Cruztools


Dunlop Maintenance Kit

If you want to clean, polish and protect your finish, the hardware, the body, the neck, the frets and more, this kit if for you! With these 5 special liquids you can pamper your favourite guitars. → All other care products for basses and guitars can be found here


Fender Workstation

Practical and safe for your guitars. It creates the right angle to work on your cherished guitars and the soft surface as well as neck support cup guarantee that you can safely go to work!→ Check out all the guitar care products


Ernie Ball Power Peg 4118

Save time while removing and replacing your strings. With this electronic string winder changing strings is fast and as easy as can be! → Check out other miscellaneous accessories


Boston Pick Cutter Punch-a-Pick 

This is fun and useful! This punch/cutter allows you to make your own guitar picks which also make nice gifts. Almost any kind of plastic up to 2 mm thick can be recycled and used to make many picks! → Other gift ideas




PRS t-shirt 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the finest brands of guitars (just ask Santana!) we offer this 100% cotton shirt in a really nice navy blue colour, large size only → Check out all the other branded t-shirt


T-shirt Jackson Bloodline

A black shirt with Jackson print, black colour, large size only, 100% cotton → Check out all the other branded t-shirts


Fender T-Shirt

A classic brand and logo, XL size completely made from cotton and commemorating the stratocaster’s birth-year, 1954 → All Fender t-shirts


Gretsch Bar Stool 24″ 1883

Very sharp looking bar stool with chrome legs, a really decorative upper, feetrest, 61 cm in height. → See all the stools here


Fender Bottle Opener

Original fender bottle opener with many nice stratocaster details clearly visible, works well, looks cool. → Other suggestions for presents for any musician


iPhone case tube screamer

A protective Iphone case that makes the back of your phone look like this classic Ibanez tube screamer pedal, suitable for iPhone 5/5 S, (IPCTS 808) → Other suggestions for presents


Fender Tumbler Leopard

Fender tumbler with leopard and glitter print. 17 cm height, classic logo. Fun to drink smoothies or mixes from → Check out all mugs, jars and glasses


Original Fender Mouse Pad Strat Body

Original Fender Mouse Pad Stratocaster body shape, dimensions: ca. 23 cm * 17,5 cm. Really vibrant colors and even suggest some depth with the shading and tremolo. A mousepad is still a great idea, especially when doing exacting work, fun and useful. → Other gift ideas
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