Equipment for your New Year’s Eve Party!

Equipment for your New Year’s Eve Party!

The end of the year is approaching us at breakneck speed. It’s about time to start preparing for the New Year’s celebration! Let’s have a look at which equipment is ideal for saying goodbye to 2023 and welcoming 2024. Here are a few suggestions…

Bose S1 Pro

Let’s be honest: without a decent PA system, there is no  real dancing at your New Year’s Eve party. The Bose S1 Pro is an active all-in-one PA system with sufficient power, designed for the sound reinforcement of up to 50 people. The Bose S1 Pro presents itself as a real all-rounder when it comes to playing music (and/or speech) anywhere in the best quality. A 3-channel mixer with Bluetooth streaming option and the possibility to connect up to two microphones or instruments are integrated. Goodbye 2022; We welcome the new year with a bang.

Fun Generation PM-6 Party Bundle

If you prefer to rely on individual components, we have the right New Year’s solution with the PM-6 Party Bundle from Fun Generation, which includes the Fun Generation PM-6 6-channel power mixer (with USB and SD card MP3 Player as well as Bluetooth audio streaming) and the two passive 2-way loudspeakers, PL115 P, which can be loaded with a peak of up to 800 watts. In addition, the two adjustable speaker stands including transport bag, the speaker cables and finally the covers for the speakers are included. Let’s get the party started!

American Audio TTD 2400 USB MKII

Turn up the tunes at your New Year’s bash with this sleek turntable! Direct drive, USB audio interface, and speeds of 33/45 RPM. It’s the life of the party with pitch control and a weight of just 4.62 kg. This DJ in a box includes a cartridge, needle, USB cable, and even an adapter for those lonely single records. Get ready to spin and win the night! 🎉🎶

Stairville Mirror ball 20cm

The most classic and reliable party lighting device has, and still remains the mirror ball (also known as the disco ball). The points of light that spin around the room are undeniably magical. One of the advantages of the Stairville 20-cm mirror ball is the unbelievably low price; which shows us once again that partying does not need to be expensive. The individual (real) glass pieces are glued without gaps; the core is made of plastic and is extremely stable. And if you want the ball to rotate, you can optionally order a motor. Chic!

Varytec Colors SonicStrobe

A real hit with lighting freaks is the Colors SonicStrobe from Varytec. It can be used as a strobe, for that awesome illusion of choppy movements, and also as a flood light. It’s an absolute eye-catcher! Depending on the type of control, 1, 4 or 48 segments can each be controlled separately. The 140 SMD505 RGB LEDs in the background are responsible for this, whereby the light shines particularly well due to the special surface of the reflectors. Create some party atmosphere at your party… and at an outrageously low price too!

Marshall Fridge 3.2

What would the New Year’s party be without a few cold ones?! A fridge is needed. And since you, as a musician (or music lover) also want to start the new year as musically as possible, the Fridge 3.2, in the classic half-stack design with a JCM800 front panel and large Marshall lettering, is ideal. As the little brother of the Fridge 4.4, it has a cooling capacity of 82 liters. Of course, the refrigerator is CFC-free. This fridge is the coolest gift you can get (or give) 😉

Fun Generation Simple Screen 100

If you want to heat up the party with a viewing of the NYE special on TV, or fireworks images, you’ll need a screen. The Simple Screen 100 from Fun Generation is an uncomplicated solution that is easy to set up. The projection screen with tripod allows a maximum image size of 100 inches and can be extended to a height of up to 250 cm. The height adjustment is of course step-less, which is to be expected. When packed, the screen, including the tripod is in a solid case: the screen itself is the case.

ADJ Quad Phase HP 32-Watt Quad-LED

The new High Power version delivers a lasting WOW effect with sharp beams, making it perfect for your New Year’s Eve party. Packed with the latest features like DMX-512, exciting Sound-to-Light programs, and a 1.8-degree stepper motor for smooth movements, it ensures a vibrant and dynamic lighting experience all night long. Control it effortlessly with a DMX controller or ADJ’s UC3 remote. Let the Quad Phase HP elevate your celebration with its powerful performance!

Alpine MusicSafe Pro – Clear

The music must be loud! However, you will almost certainly need your ears in the future. Enthusiasm with all due respect; especially as musicians and DJs you should remain cautious. So protect your ear drums. A good and popular solution is Alpine’s MusicSafe Pro Clear hearing protection. Due to the transparent material, the earplugs are almost invisible. The length and diameter can be adjusted so that the 2-lamella design does not cause any pressure in your ears.

Thomann K10 Ear Protector

Okay, when the party mood boils up and it gets REALLY loud, you could think about even better protective measures. Let’s take the drummers as an example with the Thomann K10 Ear Protector. This is ear protection in headphone format, which reduces ambient noise by a whopping 30 dB! A wonderful hearing loss preventer that is far more efficient than conventional ear plugs or similar oddities. Because of the look, nobody will suspect that you don’t actually hear anything. Don’t miss the countdown to next year.

Otamatone Neo Black

Elevate your New Year’s Eve celebration with the Otamatone Neo Black—an innovative twist on the iconic eighth-note design, available in various stylish colors. Distinguishing itself from the Classic Yellow, the Neo Black offers a spectrum of vibrant options and enhanced features, ensuring a memorable and entertaining musical performance. Explore its unique playing style by pressing the sound surface on the neck, and watch the mouth open and close in sync with your creativity. Whether you opt for the timeless charm of the Classic Yellow or the modern allure of the Neo Black, both promise a whimsical addition to your festivities. Choose the Neo Black for a colorful and upgraded start to the year, and let the laughter and enjoyment ensue with this fun synth.

pBuzz pBuzz Red

What is suitable as an introduction to the musical world for kids from the age of 3 to 4 years can also be the ideal horn for the crazy turn of the year. The pBuzz is designed, to a certain extent, as a beginner’s trombone made of ABS plastic. A plastic mouthpiece is included; in fact, it will work with any narrow-shank trombone mouthpiece. Not to forget that you can use it to raise the alarm and provide a running gag at a reasonable price.

Stairville AF-40 Mini Fog Machine

Compact fog machine with efficient 400W heating, quick 5-minute warm-up, and continuous 30-second output—perfect for small clubs, stages, or your party basement. Produces approximately 3m/85m³ of fog per minute with a minimal fluid consumption of 13 ml/min. Lightweight at 2.1 kg and includes a 4m cable remote for easy control. Ideal for creating a vibrant atmosphere at your New Year’s Eve celebration or any intimate setting!

Thomann M25 Mobile Megaphone

And if that is still not enough in terms of assertiveness, there is only one thing: With a megaphone you will reach guests in the most hidden corners of the party. The mobile megaphone M25 from Thomann is equipped with a built-in microphone and sounds with an output of 25 watts. A siren is also integrated! Ring in the new year!

Thomann Voucher

… and to kick off the year with a delightful gift, consider treating yourself (or a friend) to a Thomann voucher. You have the flexibility to decide the voucher amount, and you can redeem it at your convenience, without any time constraints. Perhaps it’s wise to wait until the post-party haze subsides before exploring, or then again, maybe not? 😉

How are you celebrating? Did you order any equipment yet? Let us know with a comment!

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