Easter Egg Shaker Contest 2019

Easter Egg Shaker Contest 2019

The Easter Bunny also brings eggs to musicians but in a special way:¬†Egg shakers of course. ūüėČ A plush, pink specimen¬†ūüźį was on the road with us in the Thomann shop. But he didn’t hide them, he collected them and prepared a little guessing game for us:

ūü•á¬†WE HAVE A WINNER¬†ūü•á

Watch the video below to see who is the lucky winner of a¬†200 ‚ā¨ Thomann voucher and their¬†height in chocolate eggs:

The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!


How many eggs are in the bass drum? ūü§Ē

The quiz takes place on YouTube from April 19th to 22nd. To participate, you just have to comment on this Youtube video!


In this contest you have the chance to win the following package:

  • A 200 ‚ā¨ Thomann voucher¬†
  • Your height in chocolate eggs!! Say what?? If the winner measures a height of 180 cm, s/he gets 180 chocolate eggs!¬†ūü•öūü•öūü•öūü•ö

Guess and win!

In the video above a bass drum is completely filled with¬†egg shakers. How many egg shakers fit inside? The person who estimates the right number, or is closest to it (it’s OK if you go over), will receive the winning package. If several participants guess the same number, then a draw decides who wins.

The contest will take place from April 19 to 22, 2019. You only have this short window of time to submit your guess.

Important: The competition will take place on YouTube. This means that only comments made under the video will be entered in the competition. Click HERE for the full terms & conditions.

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    2932 eggs is my guess ūüėÄ

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