E-Drums: our gifts ideas

E-Drums: our gifts ideas

They used to be considered inflexible and unauthentic, but those days are long in the past. Electric drum kits nowadays both sound and feel like an acoustic drum kit, and with the high-end models the difference is only marginal. They are perfect for practising at home without disturbing your neighbours, and often even the first choice instrument for live musicians.


Millenium MPS-425 E-Drum Mesh Set Bundle
The MPS 425 is a great beginners’ set and even has a mesh snare. Along with the drum module and the set itself, the bundle includes a stool, over-ear headphones and a pair of drumsticks. In other words: the perfect way to get into drumming. → See more electric drum kits here!


Roland TD-11KV V-Drum Compact Set
Roland has the best selection for more advanced drummers seeking the electric kit of their dreams. The sound samples are of the highest quality and most other manufacturers struggle to create a feel as authentic as this.
→ See more electric drum kits here!


Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum
With its 7 velocity-sensitive pads and 215 drum sounds, the Mobile Drum offers plenty of features to let you jam and have fun with friends when you are out and about. → See more electric drum sound modules here!


Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad
The Sampling Pad gives you the chance to play back all types of sound samples. Sounds can be allocated as you please to the 9 pads to suit your songs. The ideal upgrade for your electric or acoustic drum kit.
→ See more electric drum cymbal pads here!


Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad
This pad lets you hook up an additional function or sound of your choice to your kit. Fix it to your electric drum module, one of your pads or to your acoustic kit and see for yourself how much flexibility it gives you! → See more triggers here! 


Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze DS Box Set
This is perfect for people who aren’t fans of cymbal pads: real cymbals that are hooked up to a signal processor and make significantly less acoustic noise. The feel and the rebound come close to fully-fledged cymbals – but what you like is up to you. 😉
→ See more electric drum cymbal pads here!


DDrum DDRSKIT Red Shot Trigger Set
To play your acoustic kit through the PA with your favourite sounds, you’ll need a trigger set like this. And if you want to transform your acoustic drums into an electric kit, these are the perfect triggers for you.  → See more triggers here!


the box MA120 MK II Monitor
You can play your electric drum kit either through headphones or a drum monitor. With this monitor you can play at a neighbour-friendly level or, alternatively, pump up the volume enough to get the party started – no headphones required. → See more drum monitor systems here!


K&M 19740 Tablet PC Holder
This holder is perfect for keeping your tablet PC secure and perfectly in your sights while you play. With a simple turn of the wrist, it is safely fastened to your stand. → See more interesting stands here!


Vater VSHM Drumstick Stockhalter
With this stick holder you’ll never be left playing one-handed. A life-saver in emergencies like when your stick flies out of your hand or even breaks.
→ See more drumstick accessories here!


Sonor Towel with Sonor Logo
As a drummers we’re expected to work hard, and that usually means getting into a sweat! Save yourself the strain of playing with slippery hands by drying yourself off with this snazzy Sonor towel.


Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Drum Plugin
Together with your computer, this software offers you a comprehensive library of drum sounds and the ideal upgrade for your sound module.
→ See more drum and percussion libraries here! 


Thomann Drum Noise Elimination Podium
Electric drum kits can also produce noises and vibrations that your neighbours can’t put up with. This podium provides the immediate remedy! → See more drumrack accessories here!


Thomann V2020 Kabelbinder
Nobody likes cable spaghetti. These Velcro cable ties ensure that the area behind your drum kit stays clean and tidy. → See more cable ties here!


Thomann Drum Rug
Do your grandma a favour and give back her favourite rug! With this rug your drum kit won’t budge in an earthquake. → See more drum accessories here!


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