Cristina Mancuso – Hotline France

Cristina Mancuso – Hotline France

Favorite AlbumParachutes by Coldplay
Favorite SongMinuetto by Mia Martini
Place of BirthTrapani in Sicily / Italy
Age27 years

Ciao or better yet – salut Cristina!

I learned French in school and studied foreign languages in University. After that I lived in France for six months, before coming to Thomann. I applied for a French Hotline position because I wanted to use my French and to further explore a foreign language.

How long have you been working for Thomann?

4 years and 1 month.

What are you doing here exactly?

I work in the French hotline customer service. We help French-speaking customers with their questions about products and affairs regarding website orders such as delivery, payment and shipping. After 2.5 years in Hotline, I started working in Key Account Management as of June last year. This is a new and special service for customers with large orders. Generally it’s always interesting to me as I speak to a variety of customers from Italy, France, Spain …

What does music mean to you?

My father is a music teacher, and has brought me close to music since I was five years old. Music was therefore a constant and central point in my life. Music has always been a huge influence from the very beginning and has played an important role in my life in a variety of ways: listening to music and also playing or reading music. It is one thing I could never renounce and probably no one could. Playing an instrument is an emotional involvement and that is also the reason why I’m here: to combine my passion for foreign languages together with music- which is the perfect combination for me.

Can you tell me something about your career as a flute-player?

I started at the age of nine. I had private lessons for two years and also had access to the music school of the university near my hometown, where I finished my degree. After studying languages, I went to France where I gained musical experience in several orchestras. Meanwhile I also play another instrument, while continuing to keep in contact with music.

Which bands did you listen to as a child and are now embarrassed to admit?

Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Nick Carter – but my taste in music has somewhat changed since then 😉

Listen to what else Cristina has to say in this video 😉

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    Very good Cristina, i ‘M happy for you!!! I love you!!!!

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