Christmas Gifts: Guitars & Basses

Christmas Gifts: Guitars & Basses

We have selected the most interesting products directly from our “Gifts for Musicians” guide. Are you a guitarist who wants to treat her/himself with a gift? Do you know someone who strums one of these instruments more or less well? Here are a few tips for finding the right gift 😉

Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit Single Cut

Do you or your beloved ones like to build, modify and create? Then this DIY kit is the perfect gift! You can build a single cut guitar on your own and then paint it or decorate it any way you want. Everything that is needed – included hardware – is included. Have fun!

Fender Player Series Strat MN PWT

The Stratocaster is responsible for countless great songs! The Player Strat features 22 frets, improved AlNiCo pick-ups, tremolo bar and comes in several stunning finishes, such as this Polar White one that reminds us of Jimi Hendrix 😉

Harley Benton SpaceShip 40

Are you a pedal freak? Are there people in your life who are obsessed with pedals? Then gift them (or yourself) this nice and compact pedalboard that comes with everything you need: a padded bag, velcro for your pedals, loop fasteners, rubber bands and is built like a tank (powder coated frame).

Marshall Origin 5C Combo

A Marshall tube combo amp is always a great gift – the Origin 5C has two gain boost functions, two voicing (that you can mix), power reduction to play at home and all the valves that made Marshall sound a trademark: 2xECC83 in the pre-amp section and 1xEL84 in the final section.

Headrush MX5

Calling such a device a multi-effects pedal doesn’t quite do it justice: under the hood of the Headrush MX5 is a powerful processor that makes just about anything possible as a guitarist. These are of course the usual amp models and their drivers, but also the whole array of important and essential effects. Finally, an integrated looper and audio interface, a touch screen to navigate your sounds and much more.

Fender FA-115 II Dreadnought Pack

A great way to get into acoustic guitar – welcome the Fender FA 115 Dreadnought pack! As the name suggests, it comes with a Dreadnought style guitar (laminated spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, nato neck), a gig bag, a strap, an extra set of strings, picks and 3 months of Fender Play subscription.

Nux Stageman Floor Preamp

Need a complete acoustic pre-amp to gig efficiently? Look no further: the Nux Stageman includes a pre-amp, a DI, a looper, chorus, reverb and ‘freeze’ effect. Every effect can be fine-tuned with the potentiometers. Small, portable and powerful.

Harley Benton TB-70 SBK Deluxe Series

This all mahogany bass certainly looks the part when it comes to rock the stage! Equipped with a Roseacer fretboard, slinky D neck profile and 2 powerful Roswell GB4 mini humbuckers, this bass also has an hidden secret under the hood: active electronics with push-pull functions to split the pick-ups and get extra tones out of it.

Markbass Micromark 801

A great 60 W @ 4 Ohm combo amplifier that works perfectly at home or for rehearsals and small gigs. Equipped with 1×8” custom neodymium speaker, external speaker output, input for CD/Mp3 player via 3.5mm mini jack, headphone connector, line out for recording, the Micromark is the perfect solution for the demanding musician. You can even turn the speaker off!

Boss Waza Air Guitar Headphones

This is an over-ear headphone guitar sound system with 2,4 GHz wireless connectivity, projecting premium audio quality with rich, full sound (and premium amp and effect tones) through large, custom-designed 50 mm drivers. Your guitar playing can be combined with Bluetooth audio streaming and sound editing can be done via your smartphone!

the t.bone GigA Pro Pedal Set

2.4GHz wireless system for guitar and bass with several smart functions: parallel frequencies, cable tone function to simulate cable lengths, anti feedback function, LCD display and a lithium battery with up to 10 hours of battery life. Charge it, plug it in and start rocking cable-free!

…and if these suggestions weren’t enough for you, check out the complete list by clicking HERE!

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