Christmas Gifts – Drums

Christmas Gifts – Drums

We have selected the most interesting products directly from our Gift Guides! Are you passionate about drumming and percussion or know someone who could be good at it? Take a look at the following products and find inspiration to give yourself a gift or give it to your loved ones! ️🥁

Pearl Compact Traveler Kit

This ultra compact drum kit consists of an 18″ bass drum and 10″ snare drum, adjustable snare holder, a padded handle for easier one-handed transportation and is collapsible to a thickness of less than 5″! The heads can be tuned using a standard tuning key. Easy peasy!

Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum Set

This amply-equipped electronic drum set, with mesh head pads, gives you 550 sounds, to which you can add many more via the dedicated import function. For a true acoustic drum feel, the MPS-850 features a realistic hi-hat and a kick drum pedal is also included.

Alesis Strike MultiPad

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

If drums are the instrument that has hooked you from the first moment and you want to start playing on decent and affordable electronic drums at the same time, the Alesis Nitro is the perfect choice. A multitude of sounds and features, as well as realistic feeling mesh heads, ensure lasting drumming enjoyment!

Mapex Tornado Studio Full Set - FJ

With the Mapex Tornado Studio Full Set we offer you the complete drum set including cymbals and stools at an extremely fair price. Basswood shells in popular studio sizes, combined with double-braced hardware and a Paiste cymbal set, allow you to start drumming quickly without frustration!

Zultan Impulz Cymbal Set

With The Impulz Cymbal Set, Zultan proves that B20 Bronze Handmade Turkish Cymbals are now also within the reach of beginners. In the set you will find a 14″ hi-hat, 16″ crash, 20″ ride and, as a bonus, a 10″ splash and a padded cymbal bag for an price that is normally intended for one pair of hi-hats. 😊

Millenium BlackBox Cajon

Hardly any other instrument introduces you to the world of drums quite like the cajon. With the BlackBox Cajon, Millenium brings you a beautifully crafted instrument with a maple body and willow wood surface in a sleek black design. You can adjust the tension of the built-in strings with an Allen key.

Millenium Still Series Cymbal Set

To state the obvious, cymbals can be very noisy, too noisy for practicing or for concerts in small venues. The solution to this problem can be the Millennium Still Series cymbal set, which consists of special “low volume” cymbals in these sizes: 14″ hi-hats, 16″+ 18″ crashes and 20″ ride, with a very similar feeling to that of normal cymbals.

Overtone Labs Tune Bot Drum Tuner Studio

If you want to get the best out of your drums, the Overtone Labs Tune Bot may be for you! A device that shows you the skin tension with precision at every point and allows you to achieve optimal sound and tuning of your drums at any time. Wow!

Superlux HD-665

The Superlux HD-665 are closed headphones that greatly reduce external noise and, conversely, also ensure that the people around you do not have to hear the music you listen to. This makes it suitable for enjoying music undisturbed at home and on the go, but also in the studio, where they are particularly useful for drummers.

…and if these suggestions weren’t enough for you, take a look at the complete list by clicking HERE !

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    I would like the Tornado full set as a Christmas gift!

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