The best gift ideas for podcasters

The best gift ideas for podcasters

Good studio equipment has never been so affordable as it is these days. This has meant that almost everyone now has the possibility to record a podcast, upload it and then get a public to listen. The podcasting world has really benefited from these developments. Never before have so many people had the opportunity to listen to as well as watch so many, varied webshows. Whether it is the news or a video on a very specific topic or whether it is Let‘s Plays. Below we will share what gear is best for all who want to record, beginner, advanced or pro.

– Interfaces –


Miktek ProCast Studio Station
This All-In-One-Solution offers not only a microphone stand but also comes with a 2-Channel-Audiointerface and a built in mixer. Of course a condenser-microphone is included, which is very suitable for recording speech. Plug and Talk! → Have a look at all interfaces here!


Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack

This set is is very complete with the inclusion of a USB-interface, a large diaphragm microphone as well as headphones. The Audio converter offers a truly great sound, the build quality and finish is perfect. This pack is suitable for directly recorded instruments or to record instruments through a microphone as well as recording speech. → Check out all interfaces here!



 – Microphones –


With this mic you are able to directly record by way of USB while using your soundcard. Included in this set is the shockmount which will guarantuee that your recordings are free of vibration and shocks that negatively affect your recordings. → All large diaphragm microphones can be seen here!


Rode NT1-Kit
This is the true favorite microphone within the medium price range. The NT-1 has charmed countless of people due to it’s stellar price considering the quality it offers as well as the very high sound quality. Included with this product are a metal popkiller and a special shockmount. → All large diaphragm microphones can be seen here!


– Monitor Speakers –


Neusonik NE03
These active monitors provide quite a lot of sound as well as a good quality relative to their small size. A good sound is key to monitor and playback your recordings. The power of 12 Watts is more than enough for monitoring recordings, after all we are not talking about speakers for use during your next party but for your next podcast. 🙂
 You can find all other Monitor speakers here!

Presonus Eris 4.5
This pair provides for a high resolution sound with good definition so that you can monitor and evaluate your recordings with a high level of precision. Thanks to the 4,5“-Kevlar-Membranes these speakers also excel at representing the lower frequencies. → You can find all other Monitor speakers here!


– Headphones –


Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro
If you want to be sure you can truly hear yourself well while avoiding any possible feedback produced by your monitors, one or several headphones will be an essential tool in your gear toolbox. The Custom Pro offers a fat but also very balanced sound. With the optional headset you can move around or write without having a large mic in front of your face or ending up too far from the mic.
More headphones can be checked out here!


Magnat LZR 580 Black/Blue
This beautiful, over ear headphone features a stellar amount of comfort en will isolate you from the outside world and noise so that you can have optimal concentration during your project. The low weight of the unit means that it will not feel heavy nor be tiring to wear during long sessions. → More headphones can be checked out here!

– Accessories –

Zoom Q4
It goes almost without saying that sometimes you need to leave the room and your desk to make certain very worthwhile recordings, on location. If you want to have great quality no matter where you are recording and do not want to miss anything, this mobile recorder will prove an excellent solution for you. The Q4 is compact, has an excellent microphone and also has the option to record video in HD which can be played back and checked right away thanks to the build in screen.
More mobile-recorders can be browsed here!


Presonus Studio One V3 Artist
Free software often works alright for your very first experiments in the podcasting world, however once you have been working for a while and have been recording more things you will notice that a full version offers way more possibilities. Importantly such a piece of software offers a large range of options to edit and improve your recordings on a professional level. Studio One is DAW-Software with an attractive price tag that still is very complete. → Check out more Software here!


Blue The Pop Universaler Pop Filter
Popfilters make sure that there are no noises and glitches in your recording of the kind that commonly occur when people speakers certain sounds or words. Some examples are the  harder P, T, and S sounds. The very undesirable noises that can and do easily occur are also easily avoided by always using a popfilter. This is one of the most popular popfiltersm  not in the least due it’s small size. → More windscreens and pop-killers can be checked out here!


Millenium MA-2050 Microphone desk arm for the table
This flexible microphone adapts to your preferences and your working environment. If you prefer to record while standing or, if after some hours you prefer to sit down, it is the easiest thing in the world to grab the mic and change the level of the entire unit. All this without having to loosen or mess with the stand at all.
→ You can find more mic arms and stands here!


IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130
These foam pads are perfect to acoustically decouple your monitor speakers. By employing these you will get the actual sounds you want to record and avoid any unwanted sounds due to vibration and other influences which the speakers can generate.
Check out more acoustic elements here!


IK Multimedia iKlip Xpand Stand
This tablet holder is ideal for making sure both your hands are free and that you can use either or both to work the tablet without having to hold it up. It also keeps your tablet at eye level which precludes any neck strain and pains. With this stand you will no longer have to look down all the time, the tablet is right in front of you
→ You can check out more tablet-holders here!


the t.akustik WAS-7 Absorber Set of 8
A bare room sounds atrocious when you are recording and nope, egg cartons do not exactly work well to create great acoustic properties. This set will give your space a pleasant acoustic sound en can always be expanded very easily.→ Check out more acoustic elements here!



K&M Headphone holder
Wherever you put down your headphones, they are always in the way or can easily fall down. This small helper is a great solution. Thanks to it’s threaded clamping mechanism it is a cinch to attach this one to the side of a desk or table. It does zero damage to any surface or table. The headphones are simply placed on top and are safe and will stay put.→ Here you can browse more headphone holders!


Millenium Laptop Stand
To optimally make use of your working space it helps to have more surface area. This stand offers more real estate for your gear, it will raise your laptop to eye level while at the same time creates space underneath for small items.
→ Check out more accessories for computers here!


Thomann Mug
Once you have arrived and start working in the studio the hours tends to fly by. Still, a nice cup of a warm drink makes those hours a lot more pleasant and this often results in a better conversation or recording. Our Thomann mug is perfectly suited for this role during your recordings.
→ More mugs and cups can be found here!


Korg nanoPAD 2 black
This small controller offers you the possibility to trigger your samples at any desired moment. You do not need to be a pro to dress up your recordings with samples, quotes, sounds and more!
Here you will find more controllers!


Thomann Producer Backpack
Thanks to it’s reinforced sides this backpack is the ideal way to protect and transport your equipment. Five storage areas offer more than enough space to make sure you will have all the necessary items with you to ensure you make great recordings no matter where you go. This item is a lot of bang for your buck.
Check out more bags and backpacks here!


Punchlight Recording Lamp USB RGB
While you are recording peace and quiet is essential, it is best to be ensure that nobody disturbs you or makes noise while you work. This lamp is ideal for this purpose, the moment you press REC this lamp will go on and then everyone will know that they should be considerate and not make a lot of noise and to not disturb. The lamp also can very easily be put in front of the door by using a USB cable. → Have a look at more accessories here!

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