Bass Amps: our gift ideas for Christmas

Bass Amps: our gift ideas for Christmas

The amp plays a crucial role in the world of sound. As with amps for guitars, you will find several different types of bass amps: combos, solid state amp heads, tube amp heads and often hybrid amps too. Here is our selection of gift ideas in the category of bass amps! 

Combo Amps

A digital 100 W amp with a 10” speaker, this combo amp produces no background noise and offers a wide spectrum of sounds thanks to its 4-band EQ. → See all solid state combo amps for bass



Markbass Mini CMD 121P LM 3

The ultimate bass combo amp. This model produces an awesome, powerful sound that remains clear and unspoiled. And on top of that, it weighs just 13.3 kg! The dream amp for all bassists!
→ See all solid state combo amps for bass


Roland Micro Cube Bass RX

At just 30 x 30 cm this amp may be small, but it is jam-packed with modelled amp sounds, effects and rhythms. It includes a microphone amplifier and can even be powered by batteries!  → See all modelling bass combos




Bugera BVV3000 Infinium

A 300 W tube amp head. This is a clone of the SVT series by a legendary bass amp brand. Incredible precision and depth!
See all tube amp heads


Gallien Krueger MB500

This is simply a must when considering power, price and weight. The head produces 500 W at 4 Ohm and is equipped with a separate boost channel and an integrated limiter.
See all solid state amp heads




TC Electronic RS112

A lightweight and compact bass cab. The sound is sharp and clear; the 12” speaker delivers transparent bass notes – which at that price is basically a gift! → See other bass cabs


Kustom DE410H

Another cab offering fantastic value for money: a warm, round and well-balanced sound as well as a perfect, solid finish!
See all 4×10 bass cabs




Ampeg SC DI

This preamp offers a wide range of authentic Ampeg sounds. You’ll experience the genuine crunch of an SVT. You can also play through your headphones anywhere without disturbing the neighbours 🙂 Ampeg fans should jump at this offer! → See all bass preamps


Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro LX-1B

This preamplifier is also a multi effects processor. It is ideal for bassists looking to expand their array of sounds without breaking the bank!  → See all bass preamps


Avalon U5

Caution: legend! This pure class A preamp is a little jewel adopted by the greatest bassists, Pino Palladino to name just one! All the magic of Avalon in the half-rack format! → See all bass preamps




Thon Custom Case Guitar/Bass Head

This flight case is made to measure. It will have the perfect fit and dimensions to enclose your amp head. It is made from 7mm birch plywood and will resist all strain – nothing will protect your equipment better! German quality! → See more amplifier cases



A benchmark among DI boxes. You will find it on every stage in the world and its reputation is well-established. It’s a tank! → See all DI-Boxes


Vox Amplug 2 Bass

A mini headphone amp. A great solution for playing your bass wherever you please, or for warming up before a gig. It comes with integrated effects (overdrive and compressor) as well as an AUX input for playing mp3. → See more headphone preamps 


TecAmp Pleasure Board M

Here is a subwoofer that is surprising to say the least: this model is actually built as a podium. Step onto it when you play and you will feel the bass throughout your entire body → See more bass cabs 


Monster Cable Bass 12A WW

A cable especially conceived for bass guitar! And Monster cables are some of the best cables out there → See all instrument cables


Markbass Bass Keeper

This little Velcro strip will transform your speaker into a bass stand. Attach it to your cab and you’ll be able to put your instrument down securely! → See more accessories for Bass Amplifiers


Standback Ampstand

Designed to fit almost all combos, this sturdy stand will let you hear yourself better by making sure the sound reaches you well. With no more need to keep pushing the amp volume, the other members of your band will appreciate it as much as you do! → See all accessories for amplifiers 


Millenium EP4 EarPro Hear Protection

It is important always to protect your ears, particularly when you are near the drummer which, in many cases, is the bassist. If you don’t want to splash out on custom-made ear protection straight away, this model will adapt to your ears very well → See all ear protections


Thon Jacky Case

An indispensable accessory for almost all musicians. The Jacky case is a highly original gift idea but also very handy! → See more accessory cases 


Thomann Bar Stool Passion

Comfort and quality. This stool is highly sturdy and its finish is fantastic. Music Is Our Passion! → See all stools


Gruvgear Fretwraps SM

This fretwrap allows you to dampen harmonics and cut overtones and sympathetic resonance when recording or on stage → See more accessories


Orange T-Shirt Logo XL

A great, well-made t-shirt that is a real pleasure to wear. For fans of the celebrated amp brand! → See all shirts


Fender Spirit T-Shirt Ladies M

Very comfortable, and it includes of course the Fender logo. Go on, treat yourself! → See all shirts



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