Back 2 school
Back 2 School – (Re)Start to play music!

Back 2 School – (Re)Start to play music!

Learning an instrument is an incredibly fun and enriching experience that knows no boundaries of time and age. Whether it’s the start of a new school year or any other time throughout life, embarking on this musical journey will bring you joy and entertainment for many years to come. Are you ready? 

(Re) start to play music!

Age and experience are just numbers when it comes to the joy of learning an instrument. Whether you’re a novice, a parent guiding your children, or an ex-musician reigniting your passion, it’s never too late (or early) to embrace this journey. After all, music transcends time, benefiting cognition and creativity.

Learning to play an instrument encourages curiosity and discipline in children, while for adults, the nostalgia of playing blends with newfound growth. Embrace challenges, seek guidance, and enjoy the learning process – it’s a fun and fulfilling journey, guaranteed!

So, let the melodies you create resonate with your soul as you embark on this timeless adventure, and let our music experts help you to find the right instrument for every scenario.


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Back 2 School

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The size of certain instruments must be based on the physique and the development of the child. When buying, it is therefore ideal to get advice from an experienced teacher or from one of our staff in our departments, where our experienced employees help you make the right choices – whether online or in our shop in Treppendorf.

Those who cannot make it to the shop may call us (+49-9546-9223-55), use our live chat on or send us an e-mail ( All relevant contact details can be found below:

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