“Always By Your Side” | Thomann Christmas 2022

“Always By Your Side” | Thomann Christmas 2022

Never before has it been more important for people to pause at Christmas. A return to family, connection and traditions. Always looking for that warm feeling that we all know from childhood days – the feeling of security and safety; something you can always count on. This is Emma’s story.

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We live in strange times. From absolute elation to a deep fall, from goosebumps to tears, from tension to a sigh of relief – sometimes these moments last hardly longer than the blink of an eye. Time seems to fly by faster and faster, while the small and big moments in life make us laugh or cry; driven by seemingly omnipresent challenges or just everyday life.

In this year’s Christmas story, we take you on a journey through time. We accompany Emma, ​​a lively and curious girl, full of joie de vivre and zest for action. We experience with her how her family fulfills a long-awaited, common wish and how Emma’s childish enthusiasm turns into passion. From now on music is an integral part of her life; always there.

Time flies and the years go by. What began with tentative attempts and intensive practice is now a learned skill that enables her to do more. Emma is a teenager and writes her own songs. She processes her emotions in it, which she sometimes cannot quite grasp herself because they seem so overwhelming and intense. Her life revolves around school and her friends, grades and lovesickness – and whether she can go to the first music festival of her life. Striving for independence, the first great love, growing up; an exciting but not entirely easy time for the young family.

Time sprints on, sometimes faster than expected. Emma is now a young adult and is facing the most important moments and decisions of her life. Getting involved with someone else, committing yourself to a partner and living life together from then on, maybe starting a family of your own. Although her instrument is no longer the dominant purpose in life at this stage, it still gives her strength and confidence at the right moments – and the familiar feeling of security; a brief moment of escape, away from the background noise in and around her head.

Time goes by, a lot has happened and a lot has changed in her life. At that moment, we realize that Emma’s story could be our own.

The story of every musician begins with the first note – the first consciously heard song, singing for the first time, getting to know and playing an instrument, conquering and mastering the instrument. For musicians and everyone who loves music, it is exactly that: passion and pure joy, support in times of great uncertainty, a source of strength and emotional outlet, maybe even a purpose in life.

Emma’s story is far from over. There is still a lot ahead of her. Now a mother herself, her child often reminds her of herself when she was young. The joy, the curiosity, the talent. And the music is still there; always by her side.

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Simon's passion for music generated a long time ago, and led him to become a guitarist and self-produce his music with the band Onyria.


    How Beautiful was that ❤️

    Great Music. Video is great too. Good job

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