5 Little Boxes which Will Make your Bass Sound Even Fatter

5 Little Boxes which Will Make your Bass Sound Even Fatter

Your average bass player has long been said not to be a fan of effects, and to be only useful as a support to the drummer. Thankfully, this has changed. New techniques have come up, such as slapping and tapping, and now a bass player leading the band is not a rare sight any longer. Many bass players also use effects pedals in order to try out new sounds, and are no less adventurous than guitar players in this respect. No, you have not misread this, the pedals are not intended for guitar players!

Adrian from our international hotline has grabbed five of these effects pedals and test played them for you. Have fun with the video!

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EBS Multi Compressor: Under Pressure!EBS Multi Compressor

Compression is the most frequently used method to optimize the bass sound. The compressor is intended to rein in the dynamics, i.e. the distance between strongest and the weakest point of a
signal. The ESB is a compressor which retains the true sound; it is very popular due to its easy controls and the tube simulation.
Further choices: are: Diamond Bass CompressorMXR M87Harley Benton BLM-1


EH Bass Big MuElectro Harmonix Big Muffff: It won’t kill your basses!

This little box delivers fat fuzz sound, restrained highs and transparent basses. What more could you want? This is a classic which has become an essential ingredient in the pedal boards of many bass players.
Further choices are: Darkglass Mikrotubes B3KBoss ODB-3MXR M85


Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus: GBOSS CEB-3et that “Jaco”-Sound!

This chorus pedal delivers chorus sounds especially tailored to the bass – with power aplenty and a clear and transparent sound. Your solos acquire a full, spacious sound.  This effect is particularly popular with players of fretless basses. Furthermore, the BOSS CEB-3 is easy to control as well.
Further choices are: MXR M83Digitech Bass Multi ChorusEden I-90Harley Benton BCH-1


MXR M288 Bass Octave DeluxeMXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe: Drop the bass!

This effects pedal influences the sound in a very special way. The MXR offers two independent octave voices, and therefore several possibilities of changing the sound. The growl control delivers growls in the mids, lending realism and definition to the sound. The girth control imbues the sound with depth.
Further choices are: EBS Octabass, Palmer Unterton


ElectrElectro Harmonix Bassballso Harmonix Bassballs: Attention, funky bass!

If you are looking for sounds in the style of Daft Punk, Kravitz or RHCP, then this is exactly the pedal for you! This delivers original sounds to any and all bass players who are looking for just that!
Further choices are: MXR M82, Source Audio Soundblox 2 Manta BassDigitech Bass Synth Wah Envelope Filter


And here you’ll find the equipment Adrian is playing in the video.

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