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Further information

Number Of Tracks 24
Simultaneous Recording: Amount Of Tracks 8
Effects Yes
Storage Medium SD Card
Phantom power Yes
XLR Connectors 8
Jack Connectors 8
RCA Connectors No
MIDI Interface None
USB connection Yes
Digital Connections None
Miscellaneous Connectors None
Headphone connection Yes
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Amazing performance for the money

Reinhard421, 04.03.2013
In the search for a simple and inexpensive way to record at least six tracks simultaneously, I have once again hit on the devices from Zoom, especially R16 and R24. Both can record eight tracks simultaneously on SD Ram uncompressed, 16 or 24 bit word width and 44.1 and 48 KHz sampling frequency. The number 24 does not refer to the word widths, but to the fact that the device can manage and reproduce 24 tracks internally, there is also a stereo master track, which does not count with.

The R16 would have been enough for my purposes: cut the practice sessions so that afterwards they can be mixed and mastered with a successful shot. Since the R16 but only two XLR socket with phantom power can supply, I have the R24 purchased. Six of the XLR sockets can be supplied with 24 or 48 V.

Storage media: SD to 32 GB. Enclosed are 2 GB.

The features, which I do not need, are, as an accessory, as a part of the studio simulations and a drums, both programmable and with drum patches playable. Samples can be recorded and played back by buttons, 500 MB of drum samples are provided on USB, the software Samplitude "ProX Silver" and for those who prefer Steinberg Cubase LE6.

External: plastic housing, eight channel faders, a stereo master fader, the control buttons, channel switches for switching between playback / mute, the control knobs of a tape and various menu buttons. Eight XLRs, one headphone jack, another signal output, which makes the unit the mixer.

The operation is designed in such a way, and with such a complex device is also the art that almost everything intuitively opens up, if you have already recorded in the recording studio, with a DAW or even with a mobile phone recorder. If one knows zoom devices, it becomes even easier because the menu management of the different zoom products is quite consistent. The art of which I spoke is the solution to the question: How many buttons do you need with such a device, which allow you to immediately get to certain functions and what things can be packed into the menu structure.

This division is very well done by the manufacturer, and the access to the jog wheel is much easier and faster.

When I tried it, I also played around with the send effects and determined that the reverb is routed to the channel's send-return loop, a chorus on the second loop. When testing the reverberation, I noticed that they seem much better than the 32-bit reverb in my old Cubase, which was my reference so far. So soft and "creamy" there are some reverberations that I came up with the idea of ??mixing and mastering the sample recording in the device, because when reading and trying I could see that there is also a section of master effects and finished patches .

The effects, ie reverb, echo, chorus, compressors and the like, can be "inerted" at different points in the channel strip and the effect parameters are largely editable if the factory presets are not enough. There are storage spaces for your own presets.

The two built-in microphones are located in the front corners of the unit, which is about 30 cm apart. They also provide a clear and clearly spatial sound and stereo image. These microphones are only a kind of "dubbing", but are much more than just a gimmick.

So far, I have made a recording in the "shift process" and a live recording during practice, in the latter case two small diaphragm and two large diaphragm condensation microphones. It was to be noted that the recordings come clean, transparent and transparent. Audible noise can not be detected until the gain control is turned up above 95%. Whether the noise in the individual case then comes from the microphone or the pre-amplification, I have not determined closer, because what happens there is negligible. The results are pleasing, the device corresponds to 100% of my expectations.
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Egg laying wool milk

Roland498, 05.06.2013
I use the ZOOM R 24 in my home studio for low-budget productions, demo recordings and live recording.

The R 24 makes a very good impression, I think it is a metal case, but today it is no longer possible to distinguish between plastic and metal.

For the transport I bought a rack case with foam padding, similar to a micro case because I do not trust the fabric bag available in everyday use.

The buttons, faders and the other control elements are arranged clearly and are very easy to use. The work on the faders is due to the short distances a bit habituation, but no problem.

I wanted to buy the R 16 first, because I do not need the drumloops, I play myself as a drummer. I am now very happy to have bought the R 24, on the one hand because of the larger display, which shows all the information necessary, and because, for example, last weekend I already 18! Tracks for the recording of a duo, 10 for vocals and 8 for percussion.

The user manual is in German and covers more than 100 pages, so it is very detailed, but some explanations are somewhat misleading as some steps are not explained in the exact sequence. But if you strapped that, one comes super clear.

The menu is similar to many digital devices. Submenu submenu, selection or setting options. For PC or console users no problem, the abundance of the functions but first. Allow time to schedule all the functions.
Sampling rate and bit depth are always enough for me.

An absolute highlight for me are the 6 phantom-fed inputs as well as a HI-Z input at input 1, all switchable. The inputs can be linked by software as stereos, but I prefer work with the monoe inputs and put tracks then individually via Panner to the stereo field, the better control.

The inputs are designed as combined jack / XLR inputs and work flawlessly.
If the Hi-Z input is not enough, I have worked with different DI's, all are taken without problems.

If the 6 phantom inputs are not enough, I put a 16-channel mixer with 6 phantom inputs still in between, synonymous need even for the drums already 7 inputs, I also have a submixer. The signals from the mixer I then put into an input on the recorder, has among other things the advantage that I before the recording on the mixer already effects.

The reworking of the tracks with insert and send reverb effects is quite simple and works perfectly. In spite of this, I work mainly in mastering the Cubase, since the overview is easy to improve, although with the R 24 also masters is possible. I have only tried once, I was too daddelig with the whole insert points, markers etc. See above, then rather Cubase! Is included in the scope of supply.

Track and project management is very clear, you can save individual tracks or even whole projects with all tracks on the SD card and then put on the computer via USB stick. I work with the R24 as a stand-alone solution because I have no more room for my iMac with 22 "in the studio, so no experience from my side with the use of the R 24 as an audio interface.
I have a HDSC card with 32 GB built, are almost 90 h recording time, is enough for a recording day synonymous with all the tracks. Map is noname, but does no problems.

The administration of the 24 tracks in 3 levels is very clear and super to act. Between the 3 levels you have to stop a little bit, a recording, which is on what track, at least helps me immensely.

Oh so, the internal microphones I have incidentally synonymous with the Liferecording never used, since I would have the control of the microphones simply more accurate. So I can not say anything about the quality.

What I would also wish would be an accessory, with which one could install the R 24, for example, in a 19 "angle rack. I have since so helped, that in the mixer in the angle rack and the recorder With a laptop stand above the mixer and the feet of the stand under the Mxer in the Winkelrack with tape fixed, but I am still a more professional solution come up.
In addition, a second stereo output would be helpful, for example, monitors and headphone amplifiers can be started at the same time, but I help with Y-adapters, so is not a broken leg.

Was initially skeptical about the operation and clarity of the device, but am now enthusiastic about the range of functions and the fitness in the Liverecording, especially since the device is a real lightweight.
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