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Vic Firth 5A American Classic Hickory



  • Size 5A
  • American Classic Series
  • Hickory wood
  • Wooden tips
  • Teardrop tips
  • Ideal for rock and as practice sticks
  • Length: 406 mm
  • Diameter: 14,4 mm
Material Hickory
Nylon Head No
Tip Tear Shaped
Length in mm 406 mm
Handle Diameter in mm 14,4 mm
Weight in g 50,0 g
Item number 101808
9,90 €
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The "default" drumstick
Ike 30.10.2014
To me, the Vic Firth 5A American Classics are the standard of drumsticks. These are well-balanced, well-matched, great sounding drumsticks. As a drummer of small stature with hands that are on the small size, I find these sticks to be of just the right size, both in length and diameter, and weight for general playing. The bead of the stick also gives a good, clear sound on the cymbals. For slower, heavier songs I prefer a 5B or other bigger model, but for faster stuff and for lighter playing that requires less volume, these are great.

On the negative side, I find that while these sticks hold up well even under fairly heavy playing with constant rimshot backbeats, they're not as durable as e.g. Pro-Mark's equivalent 5A model (though I've never had a Vic 5A snap on me within minutes of starting playing, as has happened with some other sticks). The wood tips also have a tendency to chip, so they may not be intact at the end of a 50-minute set.


No longer the best sticks I've played
Jizus 16.09.2020
I am realizing, after having played these sticks for years, that they indeed have a problem with the tips. Sometimes tips will break within the first hour of use, which is frustrating seeing that these sticks are not budget (they are not the NOVA series after all, but have the same problems with the tips splitting). No longer worth it for me, I still have two unused pairs that I will keep for backup/last resort. It is just a stick after all, I just wish the tips would last significantly longer.


The absolute classic
hedericsM 04.06.2021
You really can't go wrong with these. I don't know if there's anything else to say. While I was using my electronic drum kit, barely any markings could be seen on the sticks - I could use one pair for even three years -, and only now, when I switched to acoustic, they started to chip away. However, they're still holding up well.


Comfortable abd durable
AA 12.04.2018
These sticks are really durable compared to any other sticks ive tried across many different brands. 1 set can last me up to a year, which is particularly impressive compared to alternative sets of drumsticks. I also particularly like the weight and grip comfort of these sticks, more so than my last Nova sticks.


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