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the box PA 302 A


Active 2-Way Full-Range Speaker

  • Equipped with: 12" Woofer and VCD horn 55 x 55° -100° with 44 mm titanium driver
  • Bi-amping
  • Power: 300 W woofer + 100 W tweeter
  • Frequency range: 50 - 18,000 Hz / - 3 dB
  • Switchable low cut at 120 Hz
  • Mic / line XLR input with 2-band EQ
  • XLR output
  • 3x Rigging points with M8 thread on top
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 600 x 415 x 390 mm
  • Weight: approx. 23 kg
  • Includes 1 pair of monitor-feet (accessories for using the speaker as a floor monitor)
  • Suitable protective cover: Article number


    (not included)
Width 415 mm
Depth 390 mm
Height 600 mm
Weight 23 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 12
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 400 W
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 1
Low Cut Yes
Fan No
Housing Plastic
Color Black
Item number 160813
258 €
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In stock within 4-5 weeks

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best value active speakers - a bit heavy though
John9556 30.09.2014
We got the first pair of these several year back and they are still going strong. They have been used every week by my son who is a DJ and he regularly runs them into the red without any problems.

The plastic cabinet is very hard wearing and does not scratch easily (Unlike my JBL EON 515s xt which at one time were almost three times the price).

I have bought many pairs into the UK and the only complaint is that they are quite heavy at about 23kgs.

They use the same HF horn as the Mackie SR450 and in fact the replacement diaphragm is interchangeable.

Compared to Mackie s these are very simple to repair - eg 4 alum keys to remove the HF horn compared with 20 difficult to access screws on the Mackies.

Given the Thomann warranty you really cant go wrong with these - use them as full range out front or as a floor monitor.
One slight gripe is that the brackets used for getting the right angle when used as a floor monitor break quite easily. Of course they can be used without the brackets but ideally you would want them wedged up a bit. For monitoring I prefer to use them as side fills so I mount them on speaker stands either side of the stage pointing towards the singers and/or band.


Not a bad budget speaker
Matt E. 28.05.2013
Seems to be a pokey hard wearing cheap but ok sounding cab, It's no RCF or KV2 but the Box PA302 works well as an on stage foldback monitor, it has a sharp midrange which will cut through the piercing cymbals on stage and vocals are clear enough and well responding. Bass frequencies carry well and with a couple of these you can do a small to midsized gig with little or no worries or strain from the amps or their drivers. You could go down the behringgr route for a little more money but with the Thomann aftersales care and warantee it's a no brainer. I'd save my money and get something a little more powerful and with all round better quality. But for a cheapo, it's fine.


Never failed me
GaryVz 14.01.2015
I don't know where I would be without this piece of kit. I bought it four years ago and works as good today as it did then even after intense use. Stucturly sound as mind had a nasty fall through no fault of it's own but lived to tell the tale and only took a scratch on the casing. Defenitly value for money and and item you can be sure of.


Excellent powered speaker!
Anonymous 29.05.2016
These are a serious speaker at a very reasonable price. The casing is extremely hard-wearing, if not indestructible! They look very presentable, and they stack very solidly. The pack includes a pair of feet, which turn the PA302A into an excellent monitor.
Master volume, and very useable bass and treble controls at the back, along with a useful range of crossover and connection options. In the event of a desk failure, you can simply plug your mic directly into the speaker, and you'll get through the night!
They give a nice, wide spread, and you've plenty of headroom. I generally use them in a 2-piece setting, but have frequently amplified 5-piece bands comfortably with them.
I've been using them for years, and hundreds of gigs, they sound as good as new, still look good, so I have no intention of changing!


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