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He saw, he conquered, he came .... to Thomann

The winner of our Thomann International 2010 Christmas song competition!As we all mutually live & breathe music, we thought we’d treat you to something special and came up with our Thomann International 2010 Christmas song competition! To be composed by you – and to be performed by our team and presented to our 3 million customers worldwide!

Gordon Livesey
Gordon Livesey
And composed it was! Thanks again for all the excellent contributions. Many talented musicians entered the competition and sent us excellent pieces of music – which made it very hard to pick that one lucky winner. In the end the grand prize went to Gordon Livesey from London! As promised, we flew him over to direct our recording efforts. And he endured our proceedings with zen-like placidity … apart from spending a lot of time in our musician’s toy-land, of course!

Of course, we wanted to know how all of this came about – what triggered Gordon, an achieved pro-musician, to take part in our song competition?
„Well, this is actually the first song competition I have ever entered on my own. I just thought: what the heck, inspiration hit me – and suddenly I was in the midst of finishing it.”

Gordon’s life is all about music: He runs a studio, plays in a band and teaches music.

Gordons drumset
Gordons drumset
He has worked as a pro musician since 1988, his main instrument is drums – but he also plays the piano and sings (In fact, he sings so well, that his vocals ended up on the final track and we rather limited our own singing to choirs in the choruses …).

Being all gear-minded, we of course wanted to know what his studio looks like: “I am using a Digidesign 003 desktop version running Pro Tools LE and a Focusrite Liquid 4 mic pre. I love how the Focusrite captures the sound of my drums, especially the snare drum. You can really tell the quality and limits of a mic pre by recording a snare! My drum kit is a Yamaha 9000 with a Pearl Custom classic snare.”

Gordons studio
Gordons studio
How long did the writing of the track take him? “All in all, it must have been about 4 days of writing and recording. The critical phase was getting the guitars recorded, which we finished virtually just on time – one hour before the competition’s deadline! Thanks to my mate Ben for donating these awesome guitars!”

How did he come up with the lyrics for “Man Thomann”? “When I was thinking about this, I suddenly got the idea of waking up on Christmas morning and there are no instruments under the tree – no jingle bells, no trumpet. And suddenly I had it all.” Of course including a large serving of British humour!

The recordings took place in Stefan Krug’s acclaimed studio here in Treppendorf – all 38 people from our international division contributed to the recordings. We split ourselves into 4 different groups and recorded on two consecutive nights. We had a lot of fun – and we hope you like the result
(Who knows, maybe we will do this again next year – and it’ll be your song we record?)!

Finally, we were curious to know how Gordon discovered us: Thomann has served the British market since 1997, but ordering from a different country takes a lot of faith initially – especially back then. “Well, it must have been around then, that I was at a news agent picking up my copy of SoundOnSound – and the now ubiquitous HOT DEAL fell out. I clearly remember thinking that they must have forgotten the sales tax or something, because the prices were so low by UK standards. Then I took a risk, ordered something and realised they hadn’t … and even experienced good service. I have been a happy customer ever since!” (Of course we love to hear that Gordon – thank you!).

A Happy Holiday Season to Everyone – and Merry Christmas!

International Hotline
International Hotline

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