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The t.bone Micscreen

Acoustic tuning for your home recording studio below 100 EUR? The t.bone micscreen is an all-rounder when it comes to solving acoustic problems for Studio and Live applications as well as song and instrumental recordings.Acoustic tuning for studio and live

the t.bone Micscreen
the t.bone Micscreen
The recording room sounds awful - acceptable microphone recordings just won’t work. The recording conditions have to be optimised acoustically. A complete optimisation of the recording room is not very cheap, necessary space is missing or it is simply unrealisable because the recording room cannot be changed. The solution to this would be a flexibly applicable absorber system to shield the microphone from disturbing room- or reverb noises.

At exactly this point the t.bone micscreen comes in handy. Unwanted sound influences, ambient noises from computer fans, air conditioning etc. are reduced directly within the radius of the microphone by the absorber which is made up of a sandwich construction. At the same time the use of this item is not only limited to vocal recordings. The t.bone micscreen is as well suited for recording guitar amps as dry as possible and to reach a better separation of the signals of the microphones. Try the various possibilities of the micscreen yourself!

The easy mounting and adjustment to every standard microphone stand is decisive for a flexible use of the micscreen. For stereo recordings you can even open the two wings of the micscreen. The micscreen can be adjusted to almost every recording situation, from a tight semi circle to an almost open absorber.

Although the micscreen is not a silver bullet for a failed performance in front of the microphone, it is a helpful tool for acoustically difficult recording situations. With the current introductory price of only 98 € a sound man should always have a micscreen handy.

  • Portable absorber and diffuser, positioned behind the microphone
  • Reduces the transmission of unwanted room reflections, ambient noises and echoes
  • Recommended for vocals, instruments, live and studio applications
  • Quick and easy mounting on almost every standard microphone stand
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 3 years warranty


the t.bone Micscreen
the t.bone Micscreen
  • Portable absorber and diffusor
  • To be mounted behind the microphone
  • Reduces the transmission of unwanted room reflections, echoes and ambient noise
98 €

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