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MFB Dominion 1
MFB Dominion 1
Analog Synthesizer
  • With 3 octave Fatar keyboard
  • Velocity & Aftertouch
  • Arpeggiator/Sequencer
1.375 €
MFB Tanzbär
MFB Tanzbär
Analog Drum Computer
  • Step sequencer and 16 instruments
  • Direct control and integration via MIDI and CV / Gate
  • Different step lengths for each instrument
777 €
MFB Tanzmaus
MFB Tanzmaus
Drum machine
  • Five powerful analog instruments
  • Two tracks, each with 16 selectable samples in 12 bit format
  • Direct access via the ultratight chase sequencer and many sound parameters
477 €
MFB Module OSC-03 Triple VCO
MFB Module OSC-03 Triple VCO
MFB Module OSC-03 Triple VCO, 3 voltage-controlled analog oscillators, triangle, saw tooth, square waveforms, common and individual CV-control, 2 x pulse width modulation, internal and external hard-sync, digital ring-modulation, digital Noisegenerator, Audiomixer, width of 80 mm (21 TE)
225 €
MFB Modul Dual ADSR
MFB Modul Dual ADSR
MFB Dual ADSR Module - twin envelope generator with logarithmic and linear characteristics, ADSR with additional hold parameter and two outputs per envelope. Width: 60mm (12 TE)
98 €
MFB Tanzbär Lite
MFB Tanzbär Lite
Analog drum machine
  • Successor to the MFB 522
  • With nine powerful analog instruments
  • Direct operation with chase sequencer and many sound parameters
425 €
MFB Module Dual LFO
MFB Module Dual LFO
MFB Module Dual LFO - 2x voltage-controlled LFOs, interactive modulations, rate from 10s to 100Hz, saw tooth, square, triangle and sample & hold waveforms, separate reset.
127 €
MFB SEQ-03, step-sequencer with up to 64 steps, up to 12 cv- or 12 gate-/trigger outputs, up to 12 lfos or ad-envelopes, external sync, 48 memory locations, individual sequence-lengths per track, module width: 20hp (horizontal pitch), equals 100mm
228 €
MFB Modul VCA, 2 dependent CV-inputs, logarithmic characteristic, 3 audio-inputs, 2 outputs, The module has a width of 40 mm (8 TE).
67 €
MFB Module VCF-SED, 24 dB-Lowpass-Filter with Feedback, adjustable Key-CV via system-bus, two CV-inputs for filter cutoff, CV-input for filter emphasis/resonance, module has a width of 40 mm (8 TE)
94 €

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