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Our 'classic' website is and will remain the main the focal point of what we do online. But there's a whole lot more to explore. You can carry us around in your pocket, visit our store, experience us 'Backstage', leave a comment or even order an audio system for your T-Wing.
Smartphone App
Smart­phone App
The iOS and Android apps give you access to our entire product catalogue, let you track a package, open a 360° viewer, read product reviews, check out demo sounds and a whole lot more.
Join the blog backstage
Join the blog back­stage
Typing till their fingers bleed, genuine Thomann guys feed the with virtuoso entries on events, insights from Treppendorf and interviews.
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Walk-in Store
Walk-in Store
Have a go and try out instruments and equipment on more than 7,900m² floor space in our shop!
Hans Thomann Trust
Hans Thomann Trust
Initiated by the head honcho himself, this charitable trust aims to help and support children, young people and those with special gifts.
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Thomann worldwide
Thomann world­wide
We ship worldwide and we even have own websites for our customers from USA and the United Arab Emirates - with much love and other stuff.

Our partner websites
Apart from top lists, answers to all questions and advisors you will find here the latest and most popular models. Rated and put to the acid test.
A portal for news, rumours and advice for musicians and the music industry. With this blog, any imaginable fact is only a click away - and reliably researched!
Gear up
One of the most popular online music schools für piano and guitar. Suited for beginners and advanced players.
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For love of music

Classified Ads
Clas­si­fied Ads
Our free bulletin board – stuffed with classifieds from and for musicians and music enthusiasts.
Free Wallpapers
Free Wall­pa­pers
With our wallpapers your favorite gear will not just shine in the studio – but also in your background.

Social Media

For musicians and anyone who wants to get to know the music industry. Our hosts will enchant you with their podcasts.
Our photography skills may not be the best, but thanks to those Instagram filters even our pictures look (somehow) great.
Only for groupies and die-hard fans, replete with photos, news and special events, coming to you from the fabled environs of Treppendorf.
Become a fan
Not only for aesthetes or our female fans, this is a repository for some snaps of highly prized musical jewels.
Well tweeted!
Well tweeted!
Sure, we'll answer any queries asap. That's a given. But a photo of your music gear or studio would be nice, too.

This is how you can reach us