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Compressors, Gates and De-esser
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Drawmer 1973
Drawmer 1973
3-Band stereo compressor
  • XLR inputs and outputs
  • Crossover frequency adjustable
  • Adjustable Attack, Release Gain, and Threshold
1.244 €
1.546 €
WES Audio Beta 76
WES Audio Beta 76
1-Channel 1176 Compressor
  • Two function modes: Modern / Vintage
  • Attack time: 20 us - 800 us
  • Release time: 50 ms - 1100 ms
1.144 €
1.299 €
Phonic PCL2700
Phonic PCL2700
Phonic PCL 2700, Expander / Gate / Compressor / Limiter, attack and release time adjustable, dynamic control of LED's, stereo or dual mono mode, XLR / 6.3 mm jack input and output, Dimensions ( HxBxT ) 44 x 482 x 217 mm, weight 2,1 kg
75 €
Golden Age Project Comp-54 MkII
Golden Age Project Comp-54 MkII
  • Single-channel vintage-style compressor with insert
  • Adjustment options: Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, High-pass filter, Gain
  • Meter display can be switched between output signal and compression
419 €
API Audio 2500
API Audio 2500
Stereo Bus Compressor
  • API 2520 Op amp
  • Adjustable threshold: -20db to +10dB
  • Selectable ratio, attack and release times
3.498 €
3.990 €
Golden Age Project Comp-3A
Golden Age Project Comp-3A
Golden Age Project Comp-3A, 1-Channel Vintage-Style Compressor, Transformer balanced input and outputs, classic T4-style electro-optical attenuator to control gain with program dependent attack and release times, VU Meter show gain reduction or output level, Hardwire bypass switch, Line I/O XLR and TRS, Link jack and...
549 €
API Audio 525 Discrete Compressor
API Audio 525 Discrete Compressor
API 525, exact reissue of API's original 525 from the early 70's, peak detecting "feedback" compressor/limiter, variable Threshold and Output levels, unique "Ceiling" control combines key functions, analog VU meter for monitoring gain reduction, 4 Switchable release modes, De-Ess function, traditional API fully discrete circuit...
1.569 €
1.750 €
Samson S-Com Plus
Samson S-Com Plus
Combi Device
  • 2-Channel combination
  • Compressor, Expander / Gate, Limiter and De-esser
  • 19", 1U
159 €
Fredenstein V.A.S. Comp
Fredenstein V.A.S. Comp
Analog 1-channel FET compressor
  • Fully discrete OPA2 operational amplifier
  • American output transformer
  • 2x 12-Digit LED display for level reduction and output level
289 €
319 €
JDK Audio R22 Dual Channel Compressor
JDK Audio R22 Dual Channel Compressor
JDK Audio R22 Dual Channel Compressor - two channels of API's patented award winning compressor circuitry, patented 'Thrust' circuit, variable threshold, ratio and make-up gain controls, switchable metering of output level and gain reduction, above threshold LED indication, switchable hard or soft knee compression, linkable...
1.390 €
1.550 €
SSL X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module
SSL X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module
Solid State Logic X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module For X-Rack/Mynx, Stereo version of the SSL channel dynamics, independent Compressor/ Limiter and Expander/Gate circuits, +4dBu Operating Level, Balanced Stereo Line 6,3mm Jack Input and Output, RMS or Peak Sense Stereo Compressor/Limiter, Dedicated Gain Reduction Metering, Independently switched...
1.049 €
1.248,51 €
SSL XLogic Stereo Compressor
SSL XLogic Stereo Compressor
Stereo Compressor
  • Classic SSL G Series centre compressor with a super analog design
  • Format: 19" / 1 HU
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 480 x 350 x 44.5 mm
3.599 €
4.118,99 €
Waves Maxx BCL
Waves Maxx BCL
Digital high-end dynamic range and low-frequency processor
  • For live, studio, and broadcast applications
  • MaxxBass algorithm for significantly more low-frequency energy without increasing the actual level
  • Waves vintage Renaissance Compressor section and the legendary L2 limiter
3.088 €
SPL Kultube Premium
SPL Kultube Premium
SPL Kultube Premium with Lundahl Transformers - extremely versatile stereo compressor with user optimization of attack and release times, adjustable tube saturation with output level adjustment, selectable soft or hard knee characteristics, unique decompression mode, large VU meter displays gain reduction or (mono summed) output...
1.666 €
1.729 €
ART SCL2, 2-Channel Compressor/Limiter Expander/Gate, Link-Function for Stereo Operation, LED Gain Reduction Meter, Attack/Release selectable (Auto/Manuell), Hard/Soft Knee selectable, LED Level Meter, Connections: 2x XLR- and TRS-Input 1/4" TRS balanced, 2x XLR- and TRS-Output 1/4" TRS balanced, Side Chain Inserts 1/4" TRS balanced, Housing: 19"...
209 €
245 €
Drawmer DL241 XLR
Drawmer DL241 XLR
Drawmer DL241 XLR - dual compressor/limiter with gate, balanced +4/-10dB in/out (XLR). Dimensions: 19"/1U
774 €
915 €
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème
VCA compressor with Pultec style EQ
  • Stereo device
  • Placement of the EQ and compressor in the mix can also be switched
  • Low-cut filter in the side-chain
1.699 €
1.759 €
JoeMeek MC2
JoeMeek MC2
2-Channel Compressor
  • Input gain
  • Threshold
  • Ratio
299 €
354,62 €
SPL 9629 De-Esser
SPL 9629 De-Esser
SPL 9629 De-Esser - 2-channel de-esser with XLR/jack in/out, female/male switch, auto-threshold. Dimensions: 19"/1U
599 €
659 €
FMR Audio PBC-6A
FMR Audio PBC-6A
Mono compressor
  • "Silk" and "Thick" mode
  • Balanced XLR input and output
  • Side chain
398 €
Drawmer DL 241
Drawmer DL 241
Dual compressor/limiter with gate
  • Automatic attack/release
  • Peak limiter
  • Balanced +4 / -10dB jack inputs and outputs
745 €
820 €
Presonus ACP-88
Presonus ACP-88
Presonus ACP-88 8-channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate, 8 independent channels, each with Full-featured analog compressor/limiter, Sidechain send/return, 6-segment LED gain-reduction meter, full-featured gate, Bypass switch, Channel Link button (can link multiple channels), +4 dBu/-10 dBV operating-level switch, Input/Output For each channel (x 8 channels): 1 balanced 6,3mm TRS...
979 €
1.099 €
KuSh Audio Tweaker
KuSh Audio Tweaker
Side chain shaping compressor
  • Simultaneous metering of input / output and gain reduction
  • Single- or dual-stage release
  • Wet / Dry mix
1.888 €
2.490 €
SSL X-Rack Dynamics Module
SSL X-Rack Dynamics Module
Solid State Logic X-Rack Dynamics Module For X-Rack/Mynx - fully balanced XLR inputs and outputs, switched -10dB/+4dB operating level, dedicated compression meter display, over-easy RMS compressor, switchable to peak sensing hard knee, variable ratio, threshold and release, external key operation, Independently switched gate/expander section.
829 €
911,34 €
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5043
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5043
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5043, 2 channel compressor/limiter
1.890 €
2.378,81 €
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