beyerdynamic DT-240 Pro


Stereo Headphones

  • For studio or mobile application
  • Closed
  • Dynamic
  • Circumaural
  • Impedance: 34 ohms
  • Frequency range: 5 to 35,000 Hz
  • Max. Sound pressure level: 119 dB (nominal SPL 99 dB)
  • Very good external noise damping
  • Single-sided 1.25 m coiled cable
  • Weight without cable: 196 g
  • Includes pouch and 6.3 mm adapter
available since October 2017
Item number 421627
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Design Over-Ear
System CLosed Back
Impedance 34 Ohms
Frequency range 5 Hz – 35000 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replacable Cable Yes
Marrone/Argento Black
Max. SPL 119 dB
Sensitivity 119 dB
Type Of Connector Mini Jack
Weight 196 g
Replaceable Cable 1
Color Black
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Great pair of headphones for everyone.
TechieView 15.08.2022
Beyerdynamic DT-240 Pro Review
From the first sight, all made very well, headphones feel light and durable, metal headband with some plastic elements Headband also looks quite comfortable, with soft plastic, leather kind surface so it’s should be surely comfortable to wear. Speaker assembly based around aluminum shell and metal holder which makes it quite strong and durable from my point of view. Detachable cable connected through 2.5 mm jack, very nice, it is simple, quite common connection and works just great. Also makes it quite easy to find a substitute if you need one.
I've used these headphones for over a 9 month, I can describe my experience as very good overall. In short, these headphones are capable of producing very loud and engaging sound with fairly flat frequency response therefore quite transparent and truthful to the source. DT 240 Pro is primary marketed for creators, like in case with writing music on portable devices, have to say that these headphones could go quite loud therefore easy to drive for portable amplifiers which makes it obviously great to use in such cases. DT 240 pro is fantastic just as hi fi headphones too, very light accent on lower frequencies makes it very comfortable and warm sounding, all details are clear and easily accessible "so to say" without overpowering base. These headphones could provide great definition, fair sound stage and feeling of presence.
As I already have said DT 240 pro has a very comfortable and warm sound it makes these headphones very well suitable for tracking microphones and live instruments. You can easily trace imperfections such as low frequency rumble and general texture of the signal during live sessions, these headphones would work very well for tracking guitar, drums or vocals as well. The only thing I would not recommend it for would be music mastering or multi track mixdowns, don’t get me wrong there is nothing bad about audio quality of these headphones but there is a slightly better options for this particular works from my point of view.
I can name couple of models with better focus in higher middle frequencies like for example my favorite AKG K271 Mk2 or Beyerdynamic own DT 770 or DT 1770.
I believe the other great way of using these headphones would be in any audio for video set ups. Monitoring audio for video is surely great with these headphones. DT 240 Pro has a very good sound isolation, it stays firmly on the head and sound is not really leaking out so it is very comfortable thing to work with on set

Obviously, I can’t skip on DJing, podcasting or gaming DT 240 Pro is great for that, As I already have said these headphones are relatively light and loud which makes it nicely suitable for these tasks even DT 240 are not foldable at all.
I think DT 240 Pro is somehow related to the "Custom Street" headphones from some time ago, they look and sound kinda alike although DT 240 Pro is more refined and slightly improved from my point of view.
Overall DT 240 Pro is very well made and designed pair of headphones, its staying firmly on head and with good padding did not turning uncomfortable even after extensive sessions, suitable for professional and casual use, I could easily recommend it to anyone who would like to have warm sounded closed back on ear wired headphones.

Full video review :


A decent budget headphone
rayzer... 30.09.2021
Bought these as i wanted something cheap but more comfortable than my Sennheiser HD25 which i use for making music and they didnt take long to arrive. Having used them for a while i now use these as my daily headphones.
I found them a bit uncomfortable the first day i wore them but stretched the headband slightly and squashed the pads a bit to try soften them and that did the trick for me.
They're an on-ear design and kinda small but not HD25 small, pads are real soft once broken in but even with small ears i have to adjust them occasionally when using them. The cable is good enough and being replaceable was a nice touch.
Given the price i expected shortcuts to be taken but they don't disappoint me. The sound is not as bright as the HD25 and also not as punchy in the kicks on some songs i've listened to but sub bass is still there and the overall sound is a bit warm. For me punchy kicks can get tiring after a while which is why i prefer using these more often.
The headphones themselves don't stick out as much as the HD25 so i prefer them for outdoor use and they're plain so people don't stare at you as much either. They're just a decent everyday headphone and for the price you may as well pick up a pair. Softer pads would be nice though.


Good quality, ear cups somewhat small
pietrow 12.08.2020
The sound quality is usually excellent (to the extent I can judge). However, when driven by my laptop, the quality is poor. I assume the impedance is too low for the built-in amplifier. For me this is no problem.
The build quality seems excellent. The rotating ear cups are a nice idea. The cable seems solid, as does the connector at the headphone side.
My biggest complaint is about the cups. On my head, they press somewhat unevenly, pressing somewhat harder between ears and eyes than on the other parts. Moving the band does not solve that problem, but it is manageable.
My biggest complaint is that the cups are slightly too small for my ears. I do have big ears. It is not dramatic, but it becomes annoying when working with the headphones for a long time.
Overall, I am reasonably happy. The only reason I would not buy it again are the cups, and I believe for people with normal/small ears this should not be a problem.


V good. I bought two!!
Keith :) 21.07.2022
I've been using these since 2018 and just recently bought a new pair to replace them. The first pair still work fine, they've just had a LOT of use, a lot of bus journeys in schoolbags, a lot of walks in the rain. I was just due a fresh set and much prefer their sound to other headphones I've borrowed from friends.

They are a little small around the ears but fit me perfectly and I wouldn't say I have small ears, just not as spacious as some others. I can still do quite a few hours of work before being uncomfortable wearing them.

The case/bag is nothing special but definitely helped with all the travel.

Honestly for the price I doubt there's much better. Just get a spare adaptor for your own benefit down the line :)


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