Hal Leonard Ocarina Method


Schule für Okarina

  • für 12-Loch Ocarina (10 Loch auch möglich)
  • von Cris Gale
  • mit Spieltechniken, Tipps und Songs
  • mit Grifftabelle
  • ISBN 9781495025143, Verlags-Nr. HL146676
  • Format: 23 x 30,5 cm
  • 60 Seiten
  • in englischer Sprache
  • inkl. Downloadcode zu Videos
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Good Introduction
Adil Ahsan 11.12.2017
I think this is a nice book, as are the accompanying videos.

She tries to clarify things in a way that is relatively easy to understand and she has a nice collection of songs one can use. In addition, the practice exercises for familiarizing yourself with various musical motions and for practicing various notes are also quite useful and well thought-out. And the accompanying videos are very nice in the sense that one can use them to actually see the things practically rather than visualizing yourself based on a text description. I would say it is quite a useful resource for people who can't take actual lessons from an instructor.

Finally, it may be a nice way to support the artist. She is quite a helpful and active member of the ocarina community.
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Parfait pour les débutants / Great for beginners
Guiguigne 22.07.2019
Le choix de l'ordre des sections est très bon d'après moi pour apprendre et comprendre le doigté de l'instrument. Cette méthode convient aussi très bien pour les grands débutants en musique puisqu'elle couvre les bases du solfège. C'est sa force mais aussi sa faiblesse : les musiciens déjà familiarisés avec le solfège regretteront la simplicité. Un exemple : pour moi il manque sur les portées l'accompagnement de certains morceaux; les accords ou au moins la basse, pour jouer en groupe facilement sans devoir tout repiquer. Hormis ça, parfait. Je ne regrette pas l'achat.

The order of the different sections is very good to learn and understand the fingering of the instrument. This method is very good for music beginners because it covers the basis of notations and rythm. It is its strentgh but also its weakness, because more advancded users will maybe find it a little rudimentary. For exemple it would be great to have the chords or the basse written along with the melody, to practice with some friends and avoid having to find everything by hear, specially for the japanese piece. Otherwise it's great, I don't regret buying.
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