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Online Guide Large Diaphragm Microphones
Solid State or Tube?


The first large
DiaphragmIn a microphone the diaphragm is a thin membrane up to 1" in diameter that converts sound waves into electrical current. A loudspeaker diaphragm does exactly the reverse.
condensers all used vacuum tube
AmplifierA device for increasing the power of a signal by taking power from a supply and shaping the output to match the input signal.
technology. Many of those early models became classics. Just mentioning a model such as the famous Neumann U47 (the holy grail of LDs) makes any sound engineer salivate.

The fact that tube condensers are still produced today is not just sentimental reminiscence for good old times. Tube
MicrophoneA device which converts airborne sound into an electrical signal.
cultivate this kind of larger-than-life sound that LD condensers are famous for. The soft
DistortionIn most cases distortion is an undesirable alteration to a signal which occurs when a piece of equipment is driven with a input level that is too high for its operating level. Sometimes, as in the case of guitar distortion, this can be an intentional and desirable effect.
characteristics of tube circuits help to bring out harmonics that make the signal appear more interesting, more engaging, more present. However, this “sexy” sound wouldn’t be right for all tracks in the mix. Signals that are not featured but only have a supporting function (and those signals are important, too!) better appear more sober, more laid-back, so the featured sources stand out. Tube or solid state (often termed “FET” for field effect transistor), therefore, is not a question of good or bad but of
ApplicationSelf-contained program directly performing a specific function. This contrasts with the operating system, server processes and libraries which support application programs. Also used to distinguish programs that communicate via a graphical user interface from those which are executed from the command line.
, and any decent recording studio uses both tube and solid state condensers, depending on purpose.
Tube microphone


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