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Online Guide Choosing a Beginner's Instr.
The Acoustic Guitar


The acoustic guitar is by far the most popular starter’s instrument. It’s affordable, easy to
TransportThe mechanism by which audio tape is physically moved across the playback/record heads of the tape machine.
, quiet enough not to disturb others during practise, relatively easy to make a nice sound, and doesn’t need any additional equipment like amplification. It can also been seen as a more ‘serious’ instrument to learn on first if a child ultimately wants to play electric guitar, as the skills and techniques can be transferred. There are two types of acoustic guitar; classical (or ‘nylon strung’) and ‘steel strung’ which is what is most often meant when someone refers to an acoustic guitar. The classical guitar is considered to be best for beginners as it uses nylon strings, which are much easier to play than steel - the lighter string tension makes it much easier to press the string down onto the
FingerboardThe part of a stringed instrument against which the strings are pressed when playing. Usually called the fretboard on fretted instruments.
to sound a note.

Classic guitar

As with the violin, there are different sizes to suit different ages:

Guitar sizeApplicationAge group
1/8 guitarBeginner’s guitar4-6 years
1/4 guitarBeginner’s guitar5-8 years
1/2 guitarConcert guitar for children7-9 years
3/4 guitarStudent guitar10-13 years
7/8 guitarYouth/student guitar11-14 years
4/4 guitarThe standard full-size guitar12 years onwards


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