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    Anders b: "TACK! Ni har bra service och jag kommer att återkomma många gånger! :)"

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Behringer LC2412 Eurolight Behringer LC2412 Eurolight - professional 24 channel DMX lighting console. Includes 19" rack mounting kit. Dimensions: 106 x 442 x 278mm (HxWxD). Weight: 3.8kg. "optional available Heavy Duty Nylon Cover (250076)", goosneck lamp - code 170692
Info  166 €
1 524,13 SEK
MA Lighting MA onPC fader wing MA Lighting MA onPC fader wing. With the MA onPC fader wing, MA Lighting meets the requests for a mobile control solution that supplies real faders and executors in connection with the free-of-charge grandMA2 onPC software. Furthermore the MA onPC fader wing offers 2,048 parameters in...
Info  3 499 €
32 126,03 SEK
Stairville DMX-Master I Stairville DMX-Master I controller - DMX controller, up to 12 fixtures, 16 channels per fixture, 30 banks of 8 programmable scenes for a total of 240 scenes, 192 channels DMX control, programmable scenes and chasers, 19", DMX output: 3-pin female XLR. Size: 19"x5.25"x3". Weight: 2.3kg.
Info  111 €
1 019,15 SEK
Stairville DJ-X 16 DMX Controller Stairville DJ-X 16 DMX Controller - 16-channel DMX programming console with DMX and MIDI interface. 60 built-in programs, 30 variable programs with up to 99 steps, manual/auto/audio/tap/sync/cross mode, sound-to-light mode, DMX Out (3-pin female XLR). Dimensions: 320 x 180 x 90mm. Weight:...
Info  79 €
725,34 SEK
Stairville DDC-12 DMX Controller Stairville DDC-12 - 12 individual channel faders & one master fader. 12 DMX channels. Compact design & simple operation., Power input: DC 9V 100mA. DMX Output: 3 pin female XLR DMX connector. Includes power supply., Dimensions: 258 x 168 x 50mm. ( LxWxH) Weight: 1,2 kg.
Info  55 €
504,98 SEK
Behringer LC2412 Eurolight Set Behringer LC2412 Eurolight Package, incl. Case, DMX Adaptor, Memory Card, Memory Card Adapter. Behringer LC2412 Eurolight, Thon Rack Case 8U 12, the t.pc Compact Flash CF Adapter, Stairville DMX-Adapter 5-3 pol. m/f, Thomann Compact Flash Card 1 GB
Info  259 €
2 378,01 SEK
Eurolite DMX Move Control 512 Eurolite DMX Move Control 512, DMX Move Control 512. DMX controller with FX generator for RGBW light effect units. DMX controller for DMX light effect units such as moving heads, scanners and LED spot lights with RGBW color mixture, 512 DMX channels can be assigned and inverted as desired to...
Info  166 €
1 524,13 SEK
Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2 Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2 . The new edition of the DMX Invader 2420 with master fader. The DMX Invader 2420, MKII is equipped with many new features and software improvements, and is a contemporary control for DMX fixtures such, as Moving Heads, LED fixtures with RGBA / RGBW color...
Info  499 €
4 581,56 SEK
Stairville DMX-Master MK II ENC Stairville DMX-Master MK II ENC DMX Controller - up to 12 fixtures, 16 channels per fixture, 30 banks of 8 programmable scenes for a total of 240 scenes, 192 channels DMX control, programmable scenes and chasers, 19", DMX output: 3-pin female XLR. Size: 19" x 133mm x 76mm. Weight: 2.3kg
Info  111 €
1 019,15 SEK
Stairville DDC-6 DMX Controller Stairville DDC-6 - 6 individual channel faders & one master fader. 6 DMX channels. Compact design & simple operation. Power input: DC 9V 100mA. DMX Output: 3 pin female XLR DMX connector. Includes power supply. Dimensions: 173 x 154 x 60mm. (LxHxW) Weight: 0.8kg.
Info  35 €
321,35 SEK
Stairville LED Commander 16/2 Stairville LED Commander 16/2 - DMX controller for use with LED products and moving light systems, 2 banks with 16 pre programmed colours, separate chaser function with 16 pre-programmed chases, controller can run 16 separate units simultaneously, joystick for easy control of moving lights, 2x...
Info  133 €
1 221,14 SEK
Stairville DMX-Master 3 - FX Stairville DMX-Master 3 - FX, 256 Channel DMX Controller with effect engine. The DMX Master 3 is the newly developed Version of the DMX Master using all the known features and many new enhancements such as the effect gernerator. The DMX controller can manage up to 16 DMX devices (such as...
Info  179 €
1 643,49 SEK
GLP Creation II - 4096 GLP Creation II - 4096, Creation 2 - 4096. Hardware Specification: Internal 5.7" Full Color Touchscreen, 4 x Bourns high-endurance Encoders, 11 x ALPS Faders, 10 x Genuine Digitast Flash Buttons, 5 x Internal Graphic LC-Displays, 189 x Cherry Buttons with Tactile Feedback, 295 x Colored Status...
Info  6 499 €
59 670,50 SEK
Medelfristig leveranstid (ca. 1–2 veckor)
Botex DC 1216 Botex DC 1216 II, The Scanmaster is a DMX-controller for 12 scanners with maximum of 16 DMX adresses per channel. 240 programmable scenes are available and are ready for playback by 6 complete chaseprogramms, Music control with built-in mic (RCA input not functional). Dimensions: 19" x 3 HE x...
Info  99 €
908,97 SEK
Showtec Creator 1024 Showtec Creator 1024, Creator 1024. The Creator 1024 can control up to 96 fixtures. It is easy to setup due to USB library files which you can download directly on our website, but also you can make the library files with the Personality Builder., The Creator comes with built-in shape effects...
Info  1 166 €
10 705,62 SEK
Botex DC-2448 Light Operator Botex DC-2448 Lighting Console - 48-channel DMX console, 96 freely programmable and directly retrievable programs on four banks, 4600 scenes, DMX 512 standard, soft patch for all 512 channels, 3 working levels, mix chase, single chase, blind home function, speed/fade control via faders, ...
Info  239 €
2 194,38 SEK
American DJ LED Controller RGBW4C The American DJ, LED Controller RGBW4C is a 32-channel RGB, RGBW or RGBA LED controller. It was designed to control any standard 3 or 4 channel group of LED fixtures where channel 1 is Red, channel 2 is Green, channel 3 is Blue and channel 4 is White or Amber. Up to 8 LED fixtures or fixture...
Info  51 €
468,26 SEK
Cameo Control 6 - DMX Controller The Cameo Control 6 is an especially compact DMX controller with 6 channels that is perfect for controlling small lighting systems. It can be mounted in many ways and of course can also be used as a freestanding unit; it is extremely easy to operate. The CLCONTROL6 has 6 smoothly shifting...
Info  39 €
358,08 SEK
American DJ WiFly RGBW8C American DJ WiFly RGBW8C. Features: Compact DMX-512 controller for RGB, RGBW and RGBA LED fixtures with ADJ's WiFLY Transceiver Wireless DMX onboard (also compatible with wired DMX cables), Control up to 8 individual fixtures or fixture groups, 3 user programmable color preset, direct access...
Info  98 €
899,79 SEK
Zero 88 Jester TLXtra Zero 88 Jester TLXtra Lighting Controll Desk, the ideal and typical Theatre Console due to the numeric keypad., 3 pcs. Encoderwheels and Multifunction buttons to controll Moving Lights, Libarry with more then 1.900 Fixtures and, Generics, Lock-Function, "Offline-Editor", Made to controll 200...
Info  2 599 €
23 862,69 SEK
Tillgänglig inom kort (2-5 dagar)
JB-Lighting Licon 1X JB-Lighting Licon 1X - 1024 DMX channels for use with scanners and PAR lights. 32x scanners with a maximum of 25x channels (each), large graphical touch-screen LCD display (120 x 90mm) with softkeys and encoder, encoder controlled pan/tilt, PC trackball or mouse. 8bit or 16bit pan/tilt...
Info  4 999 €
45 898,27 SEK
Tillgänglig inom kort (2-5 dagar)
Zero 88 Solution Zero 88 Solution Light Mixer - Fixtures: 248, DMX Output: 4 x DMX 512A opto- isolated via 4 x XLR 5 fixed socket,, overvoltage protected. RDM Ready. USB support for show files storage and touchscreens, 2-universe optically isolated DMX outputs, multi function keys speed up programming, RDM...
Info  3 999 €
36 716,78 SEK
Showtec LED Commander Showtec LED Commander - LED PAR can controller, a truly versatile controller which can control nearly every LED PAR can on the market (up to 8 different groups of fixtures simultaneously). 8 faders can be patched to individual functions. Furthermore the unit has 16 scenes (8 scenes on 2 pages)...
Info  88 €
807,97 SEK
Stairville DMX Invader MK2 Tour Bundle Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2 Tour Bundle containing: Thon Rack Case 8U 12, Stairville Tourlabel 177x127mm White, Stairville Marking Tape WH, the sssnake DMX-Cable 1000/3, Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2
Info  579 €
5 316,08 SEK
Showtec Showdesigner 512 Showtec Showdesigner 512 - compact versatile moving light controller, 512 DMX channels, 1x photoelectric isolated outputs, freely assignable channels, easy programming, large LCD display, 100-240V~50/60Hz, 30W power consumption, 512 DMX channels, 32x 16 fixtures, 48 simultaneous scenes, 48...
Info  575 €
5 279,36 SEK
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