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Thomann's Cool Online Guides: Brass Mutes

8. Stopping Mutes

Stopping mutes are only used by the French Horn. They completely
CutTo make a break or split in a piece of audio. Traditionally this was done with a razor blade where magnetic tape was physically cut.
off the
AIRSome artists and producers believe that AIR - Always In Record - is a valuable technique, because it can capture moments of musical magic that may otherwise go unrecorded. It simply means that the tape or hard drive never stops running during a session.
from the bell of instrument, and usually raise the pitch by a semitone. They can be alarmingly difficult to use, especially in the lower
RegisterA temporary storage location in a computer's CPU for data being processed.
, as they require a large amount of force from the player.

Best Brass French Horn Stopping Mute