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A very helpful guide to the basics of a guitar!

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Online Guide Mastering
The ‘Loudness Wars’


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One negative aspect of the use of
DigitalAll digital equipment, formats and systems represent audio in numerical code or form. Digital information is a precise way of expressing any of information that can be quantified in some way.
MasteringThe process of preparing an audio recording for release, often involving expert application of EQ and dynamics processing and, for vinyl releases, cutting the master disc from which all pressings will be made.
processors such as the TC Finalizer has come to be termed ‘The Loudness Wars’. The problem originates in research on radio airplay done by the record companies – they found that listeners were most attracted to the radio stations with the loudest
Volume1) In audio and music, the loudness or amplitude of a signal. 2) In computing, a fixed amount of storage space, addressed as a single entity ('C:', 'D:' etc). A physical drive may contain more than one volume, but a single volume may also span more than one drive!
. This resulted in a shift in the industry towards making all
ReleaseThe final stage of an envelope, that in synthesizers determines how long a sound will continue to play after the key has been released. In a compressor, release is the parameter that defines how long compression will continue once the input signal has fallen back below the threshold level.
as compressed as possible (and therefore of maximum perceived loudness), so as to
TrimThe initial gain control on a mixer or other audio device such as a mic preamp, often labelled 'gain'. Trim/gain adjustment is crucial to maintaining a clean gain structure and good signal-to-noise ratio.
a competitive edge over other companies. With the multiband compressor’s ability to dig out drops in level anywhere in the frequency range and raise them to their maximum, louder and louder songs with less and less dynamics have been produced over time. Although most modern music sounds undeniably much louder, much of the ‘life’ of the music given by its dynamics has disappeared, and things have got to the point where in some cases, a small amount of
DistortionIn most cases distortion is an undesirable alteration to a signal which occurs when a piece of equipment is driven with a input level that is too high for its operating level. Sometimes, as in the case of guitar distortion, this can be an intentional and desirable effect.
is deemed acceptable if it helps make the recording sound that tiny
BitA binary digit – a “one” or a “zero”.

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