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  • em 25.09.2012 "Obrigado Thomann! Vocês são fantásticos! Serviço e atendimento de excelência! :)"

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    xxxxxx­ "Quero felicitar a Thomann pelo profissionalismo e competência que demonstraram."

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    Mu­rillo, Por­tugal: "Ótimo serviço de atendimento ao cliente!"

Os grandes conselheiros on-line Thomann: Tuners

2. Introduction

Whether you play rock, jazz, classical music or any other style, it’s always important to be in tune. You may be able to fly around the guitar,
BassThe lowest part of the audio frequency range; in popular music, a (generally) rhythmic, low frequency melodic line emphasising the root notes of the chord progression.
or sax, and you may have mastered many impressive techniques, but if your instrument is not well tuned, the result will still sound painful!

Electronic tuners are small, normally hand-held devices which generally fall into one of two
GroupThe combination of a number of audio channels in hardware or software so that they may be controlled together.
: instrument-specific designs (e.g. guitar/bass), and universal
Chromatic1) Involving the addition of musical colour by the addition of accidentals. 2) Proceeding by semitones.
tuners for all instruments. There are also a few more highly specialised models, for example historical performance tuners with greater control over aspects such as
TemperamentThe adjustment of the intervals between notes in various tuning systems. All tuning systems involve some degree of compromise as by definition, not all intervals can be mathematically pure within the same system. Many different temperaments exist both in theory and practice; by far the most common in modern music is 'equal temperament', which divides the octave exactly into twelve, so that the ratio of frequencies between two notes a semitone apart is one to the twelfth root of two.

All tuners measure the pitch of an incoming signal by analyzing the
WaveformThe 'shape' of a periodic audio signal when plotted as a graph of amplitude against time. Common simple waveforms used in synthesis include sine, square, triangle and sawtooth.
and display this information in one or more ways.

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